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The most realistic option to measure fat loss

La opción más real para medir la pérdida de grasa

Don't let the number on the scale determine your mood, as it's not the best choice for measuring fat loss.

Little by little it hasn't happened to you that you get up every morning, anxious to get on the scale, begging it to indicate a couple of fewer numbers.

But the reality is different. Perhaps, you are in your days and you notice that it marks a few extra decimal places. Then your happiness goes down the drain and you spend the day condemning yourself because you don't see results. Read on and find out how to measure body fat .

body weight vs. body fat?

Lean mass (body weight) is made up of water, muscle, bones, organs, etc. The more lean mass you have, the higher metabolic rate you will have, since the body burns calories throughout the day so that it can function properly.

Knowing your body's lean mass will help you choose a better nutritional and sports plan that fits your needs and goals.

Now, if your greatest desire is to eliminate fat mass -which is reflected in those rolls that do not let you wear your bikini in summer-, you must change your approach regarding your diet and lifestyle.

Because if you expose yourself to miraculous diets or formulas that promise to lose weight in a couple of weeks, you will not only lose time and money, but you could risk your health.

It is also important that you know that losing weight is not the same as losing fat. If you want to know more about this, in our post " What is the difference between losing weight and losing fat " we explain everything to you.

Why does body weight constantly fluctuate?

As I mentioned above, don't be fooled by the number on your scale. Weight is a very misleading number because the body changes even in a single day.

And this does not mean that you have to weigh yourself every hour to see these differences. On the contrary, stopping weighing yourself is a very smart solution because you won't get more frustrated with yourself when you see that your weight doesn't change.

Here are some reasons why your weight can be affected:

You may wonder... And then how can I really measure fat loss? Keep reading.

How to measure fat loss

Calculating your body composition is essential because you can estimate the percentage of lean mass and fat mass that your body has. It is an indicator you can trust, but it is based on average calculations.

Write down how to measure body fat: the tape measure will be your great ally to measure fat loss.

It will help you determine your body composition and verify if you have really lost a few extra kilos. And with this, the scale will be in the past.

And don't worry, you don't have to be an expert to take these measurements. You can do it by yourself at home or ask a friend to help you out.

General values ​​of the ideal fat percentage

What does body composition predict and why?

If you measure your body composition (lean mass and fat mass ) it can independently indicate the state of your health and if there is a risk of contracting a long-term disease.

All this because:

  • Lean mass is strongly correlated with overall health and physical function. The more lean mass you have, the more likely you are to be healthy, functional, and physically capable in the future.
  • On the contrary, if your fat mass is significantly higher, it can warn you of certain potential problems with your physical, reproductive and metabolic capacity.

And as always, it is better to have a balance between the two. But, of course, you must keep your fat mass within a healthy range, not excessively.

Other homemade alternatives to measure fat loss

Apart from the tape measure, there are other options with little margin of error to measure fat loss, which you should also take into account.

Photography and videos

This is one of the old tricks that most personal trainers apply. The famous before and after photo.
If you are going to apply this method, be realistic with yourself, do not pose, or take the photo in a dark place. Just stand up straight in front of the mirror or if you have someone take your portrait, so much the better.

In addition, it is an excellent technique to motivate yourself, since week by week you will see the progress.


Generally, this instrument is used by nutritionists, but you can also use it at home. Just make sure you always measure the same skin fold, at the same time of day, and to avoid mistakes, make sure you always use the same pressure.

It is cheap and easy to use by yourself, but if you have help it would be ideal.

If you want to know more methods to measure fat loss, visit our post " How to measure the percentage of body fat " and discover them.

It is already more than clear that the scale does not determine how much fat you have lost and that what does work to measure fat loss is your friend the tape measure.

And if you want to rock your favorite swimsuit in the summer, you'd better get down to business and start your healthy and active lifestyle.

You have doubts? tell us.

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