How to lose weight after pregnancy

Cómo perder peso después del embarazo

How to lose weight after pregnancy is one of the biggest concerns of women. And it is natural, because it is one of the most notable changes that the female body undergoes.

If you are pregnant and you ask yourself, over and over again, will I look the same again after having the baby? Or you already have your child at home, but you haven't been able to wear the clothes you wore before getting pregnant, here we will give you some tips so that it doesn't cost you so much to recover your figure.

Why do you gain weight during pregnancy?

During the gestation stage, weight increases, since a life is growing inside you, which causes hormonal changes and alterations in metabolism.

Losing weight after pregnancy is easier if weight gain is controlled, so that you do not gain more than is considered normal; that is, between 9 and 14 kilos.

At this stage, many women give free rein to eating everything, based on a grandmother's myth; yes, the famous cravings . Well, those who are neglected can gain up to twice as much weight as they should if they are not controlled.

Nor should we eat twice as much “because we are two people.” That is no excuse to binge or abuse processed foods, such as sweets, fried foods, and soft drinks, among others.

Dangers of gaining more weight than you should

The World Health Organization (WHO) is categorical about how dangerous a woman's weight gain can be, before and during pregnancy; both for your health and that of the baby.

They state that disproportionate weight gain can lead to gestational diabetes, hypertension, phlebitis or cause the baby to be too large and complicate delivery. It also makes physical recovery after giving birth more difficult.

Therefore, during the pregnancy stage, the WHO advises:

Dangers of gaining more weight than you should

How to lose weight after pregnancy?

How to lose weight after pregnancy is not magic nor is it achieved overnight, nor is there a magic or miraculous formula to do it. However, IT IS NOT IMPOSSIBLE to recover the figure.

The first three months are decisive in losing the weight gained, but don't torture yourself if in that time you don't lose as much weight as you want. It requires patience and a lot of discipline to incorporate healthy habits that allow you to achieve your goal.

After childbirth you can lose between 5 and 7 kilos that correspond to the baby, the amniotic fluid, the placenta, part of the weight of the uterus and the fluid that you may have retained, mainly in your legs and hands.

The swelling of the extremities will disappear, little by little. The rest will be gradually reduced over the weeks or months after delivery.

Tips to lose weight after pregnancy

Before starting an eating plan, exercise routine or supplementation, you should consult with your doctor. He will give you the go-ahead so you can activate, according to your needs and those of your baby if you breastfeed.

  1. Breast-feed

Do this whenever possible, since during this process the fat that was stored during pregnancy is used, as well as the calories that were consumed to stimulate the production of breast milk. To produce a liter of breast milk you need 800 calories a day; 500 of them are provided by the diet and 300 are taken from maternal stores.

  1. Maintain a balanced and healthy diet

During this phase the body needs more energy to produce breast milk. This can cause more hunger and promote weight gain. Therefore, maintaining a healthy and balanced diet will take care of the baby's health and it will be easier for the mother to lose the extra pounds.

To lose weight after pregnancy, you must calm your hunger and reduce cravings by choosing satiating foods, such as:

  1. Drinking water
Drinking water

Consuming water during this phase not only helps maintain breast milk production, it also appeases hunger because it keeps the stomach relatively full during the day, avoiding the temptation to eat sinful foods.

In addition, it helps improve intestinal transit, eliminate excess fluid accumulated in the body and maintain body hydration.

  1. Doing physical activity

Activating the body after childbirth can make a big difference in weight loss, improving sagging and regaining muscle firmness.

Normally, it can be done about 6 weeks after delivery, but your doctor must authorize you.

Returning to physical training will depend on how much you exercised before getting pregnant. If you were physically active, before and during pregnancy, you don't have to limit yourself to just walking.

On the other hand, if you have never exercised, it might be a good idea to respect the quarantine and take enough rest to prepare your body. It would be ideal to start with soft and light exercises; Later you can do complete routines.

  1. Try to sleep as much as possible

We understand; Sleeping soundly with a newborn baby at home is difficult, but you have to try.

Not just because it could disrupt your sleep patterns in the long term and rob you of energy. It also helps you lose weight, because it prevents hunger, satiety, and fat-burning hormones from going out of control.

While you are breastfeeding, only your doctor can authorize you to consume any natural supplements.

In the meantime, you can opt for some habits that promote deep sleep. Here you can find 10 tips that will help you sleep well with quality sleep .

  1. Do not stress
Do not stress

Getting stressed is a big enemy when it comes to losing a few pounds, because if there are stress hormones in your body on a regular basis, more fat is stored in the stomach. And that's exactly what you want to eliminate first.

So take regular breaks to relax and take time for yourself; You will see that little by little you will lose weight.

7. Rely on supplements to speed up the process

Relying on natural food supplements is a good option when the necessary nutrients are needed for the body to function at its best.

When losing weight and eliminating fat is the problem, Evolution Advance designed a solution that fits perfectly with healthy habits. It is called Accelerated Fat Loss Combo and it is a group of supplements that can accelerate the goal of losing a few extra kilos after pregnancy.

Remember that diet and exercises are the basic tools to achieve the goal of losing weight. Food supplements do not do magic, they only support you in the effort.

If you are breastfeeding, you must have your doctor's consent to consume nutritional supplements.

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