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Menopause and Hormones

Learn to understand your hormones and live the menopause in balance with our advice and tools validated by science.

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Intermittent fasting and menopause, how good is it?

To fast or not to fast in menopause? Find out how fasting helps maintain a healthy weight, control hormones, and more. In the end, decide if it is what suits you

Fluid retention in menopause: how to combat it

Is there anything more frustrating than discovering that pants don't work for you? Do not torment yourself, perhaps you did not gain weight but you are retaining liquids. detect it here

Gua Sha: anti-aging therapy for your body

What if you had a tool at home to drain fluids from the body, remove fat rolls and tone up? Know everything that Gua Sha can do for you

How Autumn Affects Menopause

Do you feel down, sleepy and are you putting on weight? Discover how autumn affects menopause and two nutrients that will help you enjoy this season.

How to combat fluid retention

One of the most worrying problems when it comes to weight control is fluid retention that is caused by excessive accumulation of fluids in the body's tissues.  It affects many people, especially women, and manifests...

Natural diuretics: option to avoid fluid retention

Natural diuretics are a wonderful alternative to avoid or eliminate fluid retention. In addition, they can help prevent multiple diseases and provide vitamins and nutrients. Today, they are known to do much more than drain...

Win the battle against cellulite and show off your body confidently on the beach

How am I going to wear a bikini with cellulite or feel confident wearing shorts? Is cellulite removed with exercise? does food count? If you have asked yourself these types of questions, I understand you....