Menopause and Hormones

Learn to understand your hormones and live the menopause in balance with our advice and tools validated by science.

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Signs that weight gain may be related to hormonal changes

Are you getting fat and you don't know why, is it your habits or are you doing something wrong? Detect here if your weight gain is related to hormonal changes

Intermittent fasting and menopause, how good is it?

To fast or not to fast in menopause? Find out how fasting helps maintain a healthy weight, control hormones, and more. In the end, decide if it is what suits you

How to restore hormones after the holidays

Did you overdo it at parties and it shows in your body? Relax, we teach you how to restore hormones to recover your weight, health and well-being.

Eliminate orange peel for Christmas and New Year

It's never too late to do something for the body you want. If you want to remove orange peel from your legs, buttocks and arms, read our recommendations.

Parties without swelling due to fluid retention

Will you miss the end of the year events because you don't look swollen? We give you 10 tips to avoid swelling due to fluid retention during the holidays.

Cellulite due to fluid retention

Did you know that you can have cellulite due to fluid retention? Learn effective solutions to reduce it and start looking smoother and softer skin.

Most common types of cellulite in older women

Does cellulite affect your self-esteem? Learn about the types of cellulite that appear over the years and the best recommendations to smooth it out.

How to treat hormonal cellulite

Do you want to combat dimpling in the skin that appeared with menopause? You came to the right place where we will give you a solution to hormonal cellulite.

Gua Sha: anti-aging therapy for your body

What if you had a tool at home to drain fluids from the body, remove fat rolls and tone up? Know everything that Gua Sha can do for you