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Elektrolyte Max

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Recover the minerals you lose through sweat and urine as a result of hormonal changes, heat or after your exercises. It is ideal to avoid discomfort if you do prolonged fasting or low-calorie diets. 

✓ 1 capsule of Elektrolyte Max+1 glass of water=4 glasses of water
✓ Improves endurance 
✓ Fast recovery 
✓ More energy

Electrolytes, Bioperine®, boron.

⚫︎1 capsule with a glass of water first thing in the morning.
⚫︎2 capsules a day, if you do physical exercise.
⚫︎ 2 to 4 capsules a day if you suffer from keto flu. Continue until the symptoms go away.
⚫︎ You can take it on an empty stomach or with food.

Ver Tabla Nutricional

Ver Tabla Nutricional


Electrolyte Max

Tabla Nutricional


"I like to go to the gym and when I train hard this supplement recovers quickly."


Verified Purchase

"I go pee many times and that weakens me. This product helps me stabilize myself"


Verified Purchase

"Since I used it I haven't had any more cramps in my feet when I hike."

Rudy P.

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"With menopause I sweat a lot at night. With this supplement I feel that I hydrate"

Nicole U

Verified Purchase

Keeping your electrolytes balanced lengthens the life of your cells and makes your nerves, muscles, heart and brain work as they should.

If you are losing excess fluids through sweat, urine or diarrhea, Elektrolyte Max is your ideal help because it offers optimal hydration and replaces the minerals you lose.

And since it contains boron and Bioperine®, two ingredients that increase its absorption, you will feel its benefits very quickly.

100% natural

Stimulant Free

Sin Gluten

Sugar Free

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