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Types of probiotics for constipation

How can probiotics help you fight constipation? In our blog we tell you how these good bacteria serve to regulate your digestion.

Foods to prevent constipation

If you need urgent help with your slow digestion, know which foods to prevent constipation that you should include in your diet.

Dry Skin? Find out the lesser known reason and how to fix it

Tired of investing in creams that promise to restore shine and softness to your skin? We reveal the best kept secret to say goodbye to dry skin.

constipation in menopause

If going to the bathroom has been an ordeal since you turned 40, find out why constipation appears in menopause and the solutions to stop feeling frustrated.

Cascara sagrada for constipation: what you should know

Are you looking for a natural and definitive solution for your constipation? Cascara sagrada can be your salvation to stop straining every time you go to the bathroom.

Good bacteria in the intestine, the final solution for your constipation

Do you know how to benefit from bacteria and probiotics for constipation? Learn this effective and natural solution. Find out more here!

Reasons to worry about the health of your poop

Discover how your bowel movements speak about the state of your health, your skin and even your difficulty in losing weight.

Tell me what your stool type is and I'll tell you how healthy you are

It is not customary much to talk about poop because it is considered in bad taste. But, the truth, knowing what your type of stool is can throw you from data about your health or...

Natural and safe colon cleansing

In this article we explain how to take care of your intestinal health by doing a natural and safe colon cleanse for your body.

Bloated belly and constipation? look at the solution

If something can ruin our day, it is having symptoms of a bloated belly and constipation. And not to mention how it takes away the desire to dress in something tight. You should pay special...