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¿Cómo tener hábitos saludables que perduren en el tiempo?

¿Te mueres de envidia viendo a la gente que es capaz de ir al gimnasio todos los días? ¿No sabes cómo dejar de tomar gaseosa con cada comida? ¿Te gustaría tener la disciplina y la...

Benefits of having healthy habits

Discover why healthy habits and multivitamin supplements are the key to living with energy and enjoying what you love to do.

Discover how toxins affect the health of your skin, hair and nails

Do you feel that your complexion or your hair do not look as you would like? Toxins are likely affecting the health of your skin, hair, and nails. Find out why.

Body dysmorphic disorder, an excess of physical complexes

Do you live stressed, self-conscious and depressed by what you consider "your physical defects"? You may suffer from body dysmorphic disorder, find out what it is and how to manage it

Learn to control your emotions without resorting to medication

If you get angry easily, feel sad without knowing why and make impulsive decisions, read the tips to control your emotions without medication.

The importance of strengthening and caring for your pelvic floor

The pelvis has a floor that needs care. Learn how to prevent urinary incontinence, genital prolapse, and sexual dysfunction with these tips.

Discover why you can be sedentary even if you exercise

It is not enough to go to the gym, walk or do internet routines daily, you can be sedentary even if you exercise. See why and how to fix it

sexual intercourse with urinary infections

Do you suffer from sexual intercourse with urine infections? Discover how to maintain intimacy without bacteria and some tricks to approach the subject with your partner without shame.

How to keep illnesses away in the family

Would you like to keep everyone's health protected at home, in an effective and natural way? Learn the best actions to keep diseases away as a family.

An incredible cause of urinary infections

Discover an incredible cause of urinary infections and how to treat it to eliminate this annoying and painful condition from your life.