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Accelerated Fat Loss Stack

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Fit & Slim Flavor

Say goodbye to accumulated fat, hunger at odd hours, cravings for sweets and sagging legs, arms or abdomen. 

This stack brings together four proven supplements to beat the toughest fat and feel good in less time and in the long run.

It has a satiating effect similar to that of the gastric balloon, without surgeries.

Fight fat while you sleep. 

Eliminates fattening toxins.

Removes and prevents accumulated fat.

Avoid sagging with protein-packed, rich and creamy shakes.

Fit & Slim
Glucomannan, whey protein, digestive enzymes (amylase, lactase, protease and lipase), inulin, chromium picolinate, Stevia.
Fat Burner Nite Time
Melatonin, l-Tyrosine, l-Theanine, glucomannan, inulin, 5-HTP.
Milk thistle, EDTA salt, l-methionine, turmeric extract, n-acetyl cysteine, alpha lipoic acid, l-asparagine, MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), picrorhiza kurroa,
Safflower oil.

Fit & Slim
1 serving after training in 6-8 oz of water, skim milk or vegetable milk of your choice.
On days when you don't train, grab it as a snack in the afternoons in the form of a smoothie or prepare healthy desserts high in protein.
When you have anxiety about eating, take 2 to 3 smoothies a day in 8 oz of water, with 6 to 8 pieces of ice and add cinnamon.

Fat Burner Nite Time
1 or 2 capsules before bedtime

Detox and CLA Fit
1 capsule after each meal.
If you practice fasting or OMAD diet, you can consume all three capsules when you eat.


"It is a perfect combination to lose fat in rebellious areas"

Joselin H

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"It helped me lower the fat, I feel more toned and the protein is very tasty"


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"I improved my workouts and it helped me speed up my metabolism"


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"I can sum up my transformation in one word, happiness"


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The natural solution to lose fat quickly DOES exist

The Accelerated Fat Loss Stack attacks overweight from multiple angles.
It doesn't matter your age. It was created to work and the results to last over time.

⚫︎ Recommended by endocrinologists and nutritionists experts in rescuing people from overweight.
⚫︎ Only natural ingredients and in effective doses.
⚫︎ More than 1 million people are already enjoying an extra fat-free and more toned body.

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