Surely you are one of those who have heard, read or seen a lot of information regarding protein powders , but: Are you sure which one you should take? Do you know how to take it? Which one to buy for your needs? And, even better, what is it for? or Why does your body need it?

Now, if the time to take this big step has definitely arrived and you are sure to start consuming this type of product, we tell you that in Evolution Advance, you will find the ideal ones for you. Here we tell you about some of them:

whey protein

Our whey protein or also called whey protein is the perfect supplement for you, if your goal is to increase muscle mass. Discover the different flavors and calm your sweet cravings by preparing delicious smoothies and even desserts. Let your creativity fly with our incredible products, they are creamy and with a flavor that you will love! You will want to take it daily, we have chocolate and vanilla, which one do you prefer? .....

protein for women

At Evolution Advance we develop products designed for women like you, supplements that, in addition to helping you maintain your weight and meet your goals, are delicious and easy to take. Discover here the protein for women and take the one that best suits your lifestyle and body, there is one waiting for you. Take them now!

Proteins to increase muscle mass

The time to fulfill your resolutions is now! Do it hand in hand with Evolution Advance and take our proteins to increase muscle mass with you. You can consume them in different ways and they will keep you satiated, full of energy and showing off the body of your dreams!

protein for weight loss

Don't worry! Evolution Advance protein for weight loss is the best choice if over the years you are noticing that losing those extra pounds has become very complex. Control those sweet cravings and flaccidity in your arms, legs and abdomen by consuming this delicious and healthy product.

What is the best type of protein powder?

The ideal thing to know which is the best type of protein powder for women , responds directly to the nutritional requirements you have, objectives, weight, age, among other aspects. For this reason, our recommendation is that you always have the accompaniment of a specialized professional.

What do nutritionists say about protein powder?

Some of the nutritionists who are in favor of its consumption, believe that it is a great alternative for people who have high protein requirements, either due to a medical issue or that goes beyond their personal goals and it is difficult for them to meet them due to different factors. .

In conclusion, the consumption of protein powders is well regarded and is suggested by a large number of specialists. In addition, there are many studies with reference information that support it.

How to know my necessary dose of protein?

Protein needs vary from person to person and there are many factors that affect when determining the exact amounts or servings that your body needs.

However, according to the Food and Nutrition Board of the Institute of Medicine, the ideal for women is to eat approximately 46 grams of protein per day and for men about 56 grams.

How do I know if my body needs protein?

Do not doubt it! All bodies need protein. Its functions in the body are varied and vital to keep muscles, bones, skin and tissues in good condition and well developed. These are obtained through what we eat daily and can be of animal and vegetable origin.

Additionally, you also find them in the different supplements. At Evolution Advance we have a wide variety, which we know you will love and you can consume according to your doctor's instructions.

What side effects does protein have?

Any food, supplement or product that we consume in excess can be counterproductive for our body, hence, even protein, which is an essential macronutrient, if it is wrongly included in our diet and without medical supervision, will be harmful to our body.

Some experts indicate that consuming excess protein mainly causes kidney damage, headaches, cramps, nausea, among other symptoms. So take care of your health and verify that the proteins you consume are what you need.

Who can not take protein?

Powdered protein, like other food supplements, has contraindications in some people and that is why when starting to consume it, it should be done under medical supervision.

When can I start taking protein?

Although there is no specific time to start supplementing the diet, from Evolution Advance, we suggest that you do it at the time that your trusted doctor tells you and look for quality and certified products so that you ingest proteins that are of great nutritional contribution to your body.