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sleep and insomnia

Get your sleep back! Check the available content that will help you forget about bad sleep and insomnia.

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Sleeping better: Tips and tricks for a restful sleep

¿Despiertas cansada, ojerosa, mal humorada y con mucha hambre? Quizá no estás teniendo un sueño reparador. Descubre trucos efectivos para dormir como una bebé

Ideal methods to counter interrupted sleep in menopause

Do you wake up at night drenched in sweat, thinking about problems or peeing? Know the consequences of interrupted sleep and how to solve it once and for all

What is the best way to sleep to lose weight?

The position in which you sleep not only impacts your comfort and the quality of sleep. Discover the best way to sleep to lose weight and burn calories.

How to recover the sleep pattern after the December holidays

If from staying up so much during the holidays your body forgot bedtime, we help you recover your sleep pattern. Get back to your routine easier!

The antidote against premature aging (better than collagen)

Not all the collagen in the world will help you prevent premature aging like a good night's sleep. Discover what sleeping well does for your skin.

Melatonin: what it is for and how to use it

Did you know that melatonin can provide you with a good night's sleep that will keep you energized throughout the day, focused, and even help you lose weight? Sleeping at least 7 hours is vital...

Not sleeping makes you fat: meet those responsible

There is no diet or exercise that is worth to eliminate body fat, if you do not have a restful sleep. And it is that it is sufficiently demonstrated that not sleeping makes you gain...

The perfect formula to sleep through the night

Did you know that sleeping through the night not only makes you wake up full of energy, but can help you lose weight, even more so than eating a healthy diet and exercising? When you...

How stress and poor sleep affect the immune system

Have you noticed that you catch a cold especially when stress and poor sleep overwhelm you? It is not bad luck that you get sick just when you are overwhelmed with urgent work, dealing with...

Discover how to sleep soundly and wake up energized

The best feeling you can have in the morning is waking up energized, rested and happy. Everything announces that your day will be productive and you will be able to do your pending tasks without...