What is the best way to sleep to lose weight?

¿Cuál es la mejor forma de dormir para bajar de peso?

Face up, face down or side. The way you sleep is a personal stamp that accompanies you night after night.

But did you know that the position in which you sleep not only impacts your comfort and the quality of your sleep? It can also make it easier for you to lose fat or, conversely, hinder your plans to lose weight.

It seems incredible, but there are positions that increase your metabolic rate while you sleep and that means that you burn more calories the hours you sleep.

Interested? Keep reading and find out what is the best way to sleep to lose weight.

Sleep on your back 

Sleeping on your back with your gaze up is one of the most flattering positions if you want to improve your weight and figure:

  • It can help you lose body fat . How is that possible? While you're lying on your back, your body has a harder time turning food and drink into fat stores . Instead, it is easy for you to convert them into energy for your day to day.
  • Improves blood circulation and the drainage of excess fluids in your body. In other words, you will be able to fight the swelling of your extremities, your face and the orange peel skin caused by fluid retention while you sleep!
  • Another positive point for this way of sleeping is that it distributes the weight evenly . Thus, you will wake up lighter and without pain in your spine.
  • And as an additional bonus, this position prevents the appearance of wrinkles because you don't press your face into the pillow and your skin doesn't give in to gravity.

Tip: To take the pressure off your lower back and stomach that this way of sleeping can put, place a pillow under your knees until they're slightly bent. And if you find it difficult to breathe in this position, raise your head and torso a little.

Very important, do not use the face-up position if you suffer from sleep apnea or snore.

sleeping on the side 

It is considered the best way to sleep to lose weight, improve sleep, avoid back pain, swelling in the legs, buttocks and thighs:

  • When you take the position on the left side, it favors the proper functioning of the digestive system , making you better absorb the nutrients from your food, drinks and supplements, also prevents the accumulation of fat .
  • If you are one of those who wake up in the middle of the night due to gastric reflux, sleep apnea or difficulty breathing, this position is for you. And it is that as you know, waking up continuously during the night, is not only frustrating, but it can make you wake up very hungry and craving for fattening snacks.
  • Did you think that was it? Well there's more. Sleeping on your side also benefits lymphatic drainage , and that is synonymous with less inflammation, avoids being overweight due to fluid retention and cellulite!

A trick to get all the benefits of sleeping on your side : place a pillow between your knees, so your body will have a better posture and allow blood to flow easily.

Sleeping on your stomach

Very few specialists recommend sleeping in a stomach position to lose weight, for various reasons.

    • It can cause respiratory disturbances, slows down the digestion of food, promotes the accumulation of fat, and tightens the muscles of the lower back.
    • By overloading the joints, thoracic and cervical systems, your body remains stressed, which produces cortisol. And remember that cortisol makes you fat because when you secrete it excessively, it is the hormone that causes cravings in the afternoon and accumulation of fat in the abdomen.

Can you control the way you sleep to lose weight?

At this point, it is normal for you to wonder how could I control the movements I make while I am sleeping?

We understand you, because let's see, it seems that we lose control over our body when we are in the arms of Morpheus. To make matters worse, you have been sleeping in the same position for years.

Do not give up! Try these three strategies, but you have to be consistent for them to work.

  • Before going to bed

Whoever wants can. If you are determined to improve your sleep to lose weight, you must believe that you are fully capable of achieving it.

Integrate into your ritual before going to sleep, a couple of deep breaths and repeat to yourself "I can control my posture when I sleep".

Your brain will take your statement as true and act accordingly. It will not be by magic, you must repeat it for several days to see the effect.

  • at bedtime

There is a super easy strategy to apply to avoid tossing and turning in bed and ending up on your stomach after falling asleep.

It is about placing pillows on the sides of your abdomen and your hips. They will work as barriers and will prevent your sudden movements.

Does it really work? Well, it is an effective method that mothers have used for centuries to prevent their babies from drowning or sudden death when they roll over in their cribs. So it can work for you too.

  • When you try to fall asleep

Humans are animals of habit. Logically, at first it will be difficult for you to assume a new sleeping position.

But be patient, if you do it for several nights in a row your body will get used to it and you will achieve your goal.

If you get desperate because you can't fall asleep quickly, you can help yourself with a natural supplement that contains melatonin so that you fall asleep faster and deeper.

Ready to change the way you sleep to lose weight?

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