What is the best protein for weight loss?

¿Cuál es la mejor proteína para bajar de peso?

Do you dream of losing weight without going hungry or ending up with flaccidity? Well it is totally possible if you have a diet balanced and with the appropriate amount of protein.

But sometimes it is difficult to reach the ideal dose of this macronutrient with food alone. That's where protein powders are an easy-to-consume, tasty, and effective option.

Therefore, we want to tell you which is the best protein for weight loss , between the two options that have shown the best results.

Whey protein vs. Soy protein

When it comes to choosing a protein for weight loss, there are a variety of options. Although the best known are whey protein and soy protein.

But better, let's end the dilemma based on information and data.

Whey protein

Whey is a liquid obtained in the manufacturing process of some cheeses. It is a completely natural product and has been consumed for a long time.

It is a quality protein with a great source of essential amino acids, especially leucine, which is essential to help build and maintain muscle tissues.

In addition, it is rich in bioactive complexes that perform functions in the body that can promote good health.

Whey protein helps you:

  • Gain muscle.
  • Burn fat
  • Increase strength.
  • Control your blood glucose levels.
  • Strengthen your immune system.
  • Benefit your cardiovascular system.
  • Helps maintain muscles.
  • Accelerates muscle recovery after exercises.

As if that were not enough, whey protein satisfies you more than other protein sources , and is better absorbed, which makes you eat less.

Soy protein

It is a type of vegetable protein that comes from soy beans. It is the best source of non-animal protein, as it has an excellent protein profile, is low in fat and contains essential amino acids.

What does soy protein help you with?

  • Reduce blood cholesterol.
  • Reduce the risk of heart disease and osteoporosis.
  • Lower blood sugar.
  • Muscle recovery.
  • Increase muscle mass.
  • It is ideal for vegans, vegetarians and people with lactose intolerance.

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Studies: the best protein for weight loss

One study compared the effects of whey protein versus soy protein supplementation on protein synthesis and fat biomarkers during weight loss.

40 healthy, overweight and obese participants (19 men and 21 women) were included. They all ate a low-calorie diet and were randomly given one type of protein twice a day:

  • Whey protein (27 grams per supplement).
  • Soy protein (26 grams per supplement).
  • Carbohydrate controls (25 grams per supplement).

What the study revealed

  1. Whey protein was absorbed faster than soy protein.
  2. The post-workout muscle growth process was twice as fast with whey protein.
  3. No differences in overall body composition were observed between groups.

This means that whey protein offers better results when you want to lose weight without losing muscle tone or starving yourself in the process.

This is because protein for women to lose weight loses weight maintains muscle fibers and causes a feeling of satiety for hours.

The protein for weight loss, Fit & Slim , can be your ally in your strategy to eliminate a few extra kilos because it contains a fiber that expands in the stomach, in addition to other natural ingredients that promote satiety.

Remember that there is no protein shake for women to magically lose weight. For that, you need to have a healthy diet and an active life.

Fit & Slim

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