Not sleeping makes you fat: meet those responsible

No dormir hace engordar: conoce a las responsables

There is no diet or exercise that is worth to eliminate body fat, if you do not have a restful sleep. And it is that it is sufficiently demonstrated that not sleeping makes you gain weight.

The reason is that there are four hormones in your body that can either help you lose fat or make it more difficult for you, depending on your sleep patterns.

In this post we are going to introduce you, in simple words, why these hormones can be the cornerstone of any weight loss plan.

And why sleeping 7 to 8 hours is the habit that you should NEVER miss to stop accumulating body fat and maintain your figure.

Why does not sleep make you fat? Put the magnifying glass on these hormones 

  • Ghrelin : the hunger hormone

Hunger is your body's signal that you need to eat for energy. And the one designed to remind you until you're satiated is the hormone ghrelin.

If you maintain a healthy lifestyle, ghrelin will work wonders.

But there are several reasons for it to get out of hand. And one of the main ones is sleeping less than 7 hours a night or doing it interrupted.

Well, little sleep makes you gain weight, since ghrelin levels skyrocket, causing you a crazy desire to devour processed foods, sugar and fried foods the next day.

It can also be responsible for binge eating at night.

  • Leptin: the satiety hormone

She's a good girl who tells you when to stop eating, because she tells your brain that you've gotten enough energy from your food, making you feel full.

It turns out that sleep is one of the regulators of leptin and its levels go out of control when you don't get enough sleep.

That way, you could eat and eat like there's no tomorrow and gain several pounds, without realizing it. And you won't be aware of when it's time to get up from the table, which will make it easier for you to gain weight.

  • Cortisol: the stress hormone

Cortisol is the hormone that triggers stress when you are in danger, you demand too much from your body or in distressing situations.

And it causes many to take refuge in food to calm their internal chaos.

The math is simple: more food equals more fat. Especially the one that accumulates around the waist, especially in the lower abdomen.

Guess? Insomnia can also release more cortisol than is healthy.

  • Insulin: The Hormone of Cravings

Have you heard of “blood sugar spikes” ? They cause that desire to eat cakes, churros and chocolates between meals.

Behind these peaks is insulin, an essential hormone to keep weight at bay.

She allows you to store the energy you get from food in the liver, muscles or as body fat.

You have to be careful of becoming insulin resistant, because it creates a vicious cycle that makes us fall, again and again, into the trap of hunger and cravings. It can even cause diabetes and other diseases.

Guess? It has been shown that the less sleep you get, the more metabolic problems such as insulin resistance occur.

If you want to lose weight and measurements, improve your sleep habits

As you may have noticed, deep sleep is vital for losing weight and fat.

So if you want your attempts to drop several pant sizes or tight clothing to look the way you want, start by applying these habits:

  • Always go to bed at the same time to balance your sleep cycles
  • Get as quiet as possible.
  • 2 hours before going to bed, stay away from the television, computer and cell phone
  • Try to get your worries out of your mind, with a good book or soft music.
  • Maintain a cool temperature in your room.
  • Have a light dinner 2 to 3 hours before bed.
  • Take a hot bath and put on comfortable clothes.

And if you want an extra boost, you can take advantage of a mix of healthy, effective and natural ingredients that help you sleep well, improve tolerance to daily stress, provide natural energy and improve mood.

It's called Fat Burner Nite Time and it can make your dream of losing weight and fat come true. Meet him here.

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