“I wake up with a flatter tummy and less fluid in my feet and ankles. It's a great relief."


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"I feel more confident when I go to the beach because I don't notice so much cellulite"

White Alida

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“I no longer wake up with a puffy face and the bags under my eyes have reduced a lot”


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There are days when you wake up heavy, your scale marks more pounds, your clothes are tight, your shoes don't fit, you can't stand your rings, you have bags under your eyes and more cellulite.

Do not get frustrated. Retaining liquids is common in women and, although it can be accentuated by the hormonal changes of age, it has a natural and safe solution.

It's called [strong]Water Less[/strong]and it's the supplement that brings together the most effective herbs to reduce the accumulation of water and sodium in your body.

100% natural

Stimulant Free

Gluten Free

Sugar Free

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