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Enjoy the exquisite aroma and flavor of a good Colombian coffee while you charge yourself with energy, shape your figure and burn fat more easily.

This protein is for coffee lovers who want to be fit, healthy and active from morning to night.

✓ Activate your energy, vitality and focus. 

✓ Put your metabolism in fat burning mode all day long.

✓ Controls cravings for sweets.

✓ Increase your satiety levels.

✓ Combats the anxiety of eating at untimely hours.

Colombian coffee, caffeine, whey protein, glucomannan, inulin, digestive enzymes (amylase, lactase, protease and lipase), chromium picolinate, Stevia.

⚫︎ Mix 1 serving in 6-8 oz of water, cow's milk or vegetable milk of your choice.
⚫︎ Use it alone as breakfast or with other foods.
⚫︎ Ideal 30 minutes before weight training, cardio or HIIT.
⚫︎ Use it as an ingredient for your healthy afternoon snacks.
⚫︎ Do not consume it after 4 pm, you may be affected by its powerful energizing effect.

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Ver Tabla Nutricional



"This protein is perfection. It's delicious and within a week my clothes started to get big."

Ágape U

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"Colombian coffee and my favorite protein together! I've never had more energy and I'm losing weight like crazy!"

Vesta T

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"I am a fan of coffee and am amazed at how rich this protein is. I made a healthy tiramisu to die for love."


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"Just when I thought Evolution had everything I need, you bring out something so wonderful. Thank you!"

Mariale L

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What could be better than a good coffee? Colombian coffee+Protein

Fit&Slim - Protein+Energy+Fat Burner will transform the way you prepare and enjoy your coffees.

In just a few seconds you'll get a creamy blend of the world's best coffee and whey protein. Together they revitalize you, boost your metabolism and leave you satiated for hours.

Your smoothies and desserts will be so delicious that they will be your favorite sweet craving and an infallible weapon against mid-afternoon energy slumps.

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Light digestion


Gluten Free

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It is information to understand your process and make it easier.


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