How to recover the sleep pattern after the December holidays

Cómo recuperar el patrón de sueño tras las fiestas decembrinas

One night you go to the work party. On December 24, you wait until midnight to open presents with your family. On the 31st you open the champagne, eat the 12 grapes and dance until dawn... just to mention some celebrations.

The December holidays leave you with many happy moments and reunions with your loved ones. But it must be said, your sleeping habits are thrown into chaos.

And when you have to get back into a routine, oh my God, it costs too much!

If you want to know how to recover the sleep pattern after the festive riot, here we give you the best keys.

How your sleep pattern is affected in December

December 1 begins the most celebrated month of the year. There are many activities and social events, usually at night, which implies sacrificing your hours to sleep .

Add to that the stress and anxiety caused by thinking about planning your celebrations, thinking about going out to buy gifts, thinking about the clothes that no longer fit you and you must find something new.

All these situations can alter your sleep pattern, in various ways:

  • Your hormonal system is disrupted, as the hormones that promote healthy sleep and relaxation drop. In addition, those that disrupt sleep, such as cortisol, increase due to stress and lack of sleep.

  • The sleeplessness you submit to in the holiday season modifies your biological clock, delaying the usual time you go to bed. And that can create trouble sleeping when the holidays are over.

back to normal

It is normal that after a month of fun and getting out of the routine, it is more difficult for you to get off your pillow when the alarm clock goes off because you are oversleeping. You may feel tired during the day, with low concentration and yawning a lot.

But with these tips you will resume your sleep pattern so that you start the new year dynamic and healthy:

  • Get back to your routine before going to bed . Thus, your brain will remember that bedtime is near.
  • Go back to your sleep schedules . Go to bed and get up at the same time every day. Even on weekends, keep the difference between weekday sleep hours within an hour.
  • Minimize light and noise. Darkness causes your brain to release melatonin for a calming, sleepy effect. That includes turning off lights on your computer, television, and other electronic equipment.
  • Make yourself comfortable and wear light clothing that will help you relax.
  • Look for options to manage stress . Listen to soft music, read a nice book or get a massage to get back to your rest hours.
    • Do not go to bed hungry or very full . Do not eat heavy or very abundant meals at least 3 hours before going to bed.
    • Avoid caffeine, smoking and alcohol . Its stimulating effects take several hours to wear off, preventing you from getting back to sleep.
    • Limit naps during the day. They can interfere with your night sleep. If you really need it, do not spend more than 30 minutes or be at the end of the afternoon.
    • Include some physical activity in your daily routine . It will help you sleep better, but avoid getting it close to bedtime or you will have the opposite effect.

    An extra boost to improve your sleep

    To resume normal sleep patterns, there is a supplement that can help you a lot.

    Evolution Advance Nutrition Sleep Fit contains natural, safe and effective ingredients that do not cause dependency or the side effects of chemicals.

    With this sleep regulator you will get:

    ✓ Fall asleep as soon as you lie down in bed.

    ✓ Regulate sleep patterns so that you sleep at least 7 hours.

    ✓ Do not wake up several times during the night.

    ✓ Calm the hunger that prevents you from sleeping and avoid night bingeing.

    ✓ Accelerate the fat burning process that happens while you sleep.

    Be very careful: sometimes, the desperation to recover the sleeping pattern can lead you to consume drugs or tranquilizers, antidepressants, anxiolytics or relaxants.

    If you use them for a long time, they cause physical and psychological dependence. In addition, they can cause drowsiness, mental fog, slow reflexes or other undesirable discomforts.

    But as we always tell you, in case of any health problem or if you can't sleep properly with these tips, see a doctor.

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