The antidote against premature aging (better than collagen)

El antídoto contra el envejecimiento prematuro (mejor que colágeno)

You can consume the collagen you want, use anti-aging creams, do facial yoga or get Botox to avoid premature aging. But nothing will make you look as fresh and cheerful as a night of uninterrupted sleep.

Not to mention energy, focus, weight control and strengthening your immune system.

Read on to learn what good sleep can do for your skin, your body, and your mind. We will also give you a definitive solution to solve your sleep problems.

Sleeping well is essential to avoid aging prematurely

Ahhh , what a delight to wake up after sleeping deeply. You wake up rested, active, your skin looks fresher and even your eyes shine.

Sleep is the most effective, economical and safest anti-aging trick that exists.

Not only because it accelerates cell regeneration up to 8 times, it releases many hormones and eliminates aging free radicals.

It offers your body the rest it needs due to daily wear and tear, while restoring it so that you can face each day optimally.

Recover the beauty of your skin

Extensive studies have shown how rest is related to skin regeneration. See how a good night's sleep will make you look refreshed.

  • Firmer and more elastic skin: when you sleep, the maximum peak of collagen and elastin occurs, which gives it firmness and elasticity.
  • Greater luminosity: as tissues become oxygenated and cells regenerate, your skin looks more rested and bright.
  • Fewer dark circles and bags : your eyes will not be surrounded by dark circles and unsightly bags, because fluid drainage is activated and circulation improves.
  • Natural anti-wrinkle : as you generate collagen and your cells repair themselves, you will prevent new wrinkles from marking your skin.
  • Goodbye impurities : while you sleep you release toxins and accumulated dirt.

Keep your body young

Premature aging is not only reflected on the face. If you maintain your energy, a healthy weight, and firm muscles, you will be estimated to be younger than you are.

  • You avoid the accumulation of fat : do you notice that when you sleep poorly you wake up hungrier? It's because your hunger and satiety hormones are altered, causing you to be more hungry than normal and not fill up on anything. On the other hand, sleeping balances both hormones so that you stay in shape.
  • Helps tone and increase muscle mass : human growth hormone (HGH) is generated to regenerate tissues, including your muscles. Not only will you look more attractive, but your metabolism will work faster.
  • Strengthens bones at any age : Bone repair cells go to work, regulating the body's calcium levels, repairing microscopic cracks in the bones and healing possible fractures.
  • More Energy – As all your systems restore, you release hormones to maintain and control energy. And when you exude energy, you look younger.
  • Improves health : you generate a protein (cytokines), which attacks infections and inflammation. In addition to many white blood cells that defend your body.

Recover the balance of your mind

Getting a rested brain and a calm mind with a good sleep session is the least valued trick against premature aging. Improve your way of sleeping and you will feel different:

  • Reduces stress and depression: When your body relaxes, the hormones melanin and serotonin are activated to counteract stress, depression and anxiety. And since they generate a feeling of happiness, you will smile more often and avoid the ugly wrinkle between your eyebrows.
  • Improves memory: neural connections are created in the brain and long-term memories are stored. Sleep well and you won't be forgetting what you were going to say or do, or what happened to you a few years ago.
  • You are more creative: a good sleep clears your mind and activates your brain, so your creativity and imagination increase. You will come up with great ideas and stay motivated.

Do you have trouble sleeping due to menopause? See the solution

During menopause, not only estrogen and progesterone levels are affected. Also, less melatonin (the sleep hormone ) is secreted , so the number of hours you sleep and its quality is affected.

It is known from multiple studies that supplementing with melatonin is healthy, natural and effective in regulating sleep cycles. A dream come true for you and many other women!

That's why we created a definitive nutritional solution that can make you fall into bed exhausted and keep you asleep for up to 7 or 8 hours.

Sleep Fit is the sleep regulator that does not leave you with the unpleasant sedative effect of sleeping pills. In addition, it has ingredients that increase stress tolerance.

You will sleep better, while you lose weight, stay active, take care of your muscle mass and have a more balanced mind.

If you add Sleep Fit to your beauty routines and your daily collagen intake, many will ask you the secret to looking so fabulous and young.

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