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Sleeping better: Tips and tricks for a restful sleep

Durmiendo mejor: Consejos y trucos para un descanso reparador

Has it happened to you that despite having slept you wake up very tired, without energy, you are less productive, you are in a bad mood and you are more hungry than normal?

Sleeping well is not just meeting the recommended 8 hours of sleep.

You need to have a restful sleep to wake up active, focused, live less stressed and be able to control hunger and cravings without so much effort.

Here you will know why sleep is essential and how to fall asleep naturally.

At the end of the post you have a test to find out if your sleep is of quality or not.

Why is it important not only to sleep but to sleep well?

Sleeping is as necessary as eating, drinking water or breathing.

It is that resting space that you need to repair your brain, tissues, organs, metabolism, hormonal and immune systems, and more.

Your mind and your brain also disconnect to rest from the stressors of today's life: media, social networks, television, stress, etc. Also, it improves your mood, increases your creativity, increases your higher levels of reasoning, problem solving and attention to detail, boosts your memory, prevents anxiety and depression.

The World Sleep Association , has shown that when you sleep poorly or little, the normal functioning of the body is altered, it is not properly repaired and the development of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, emotional conditions and disorders such as stress is accelerated. , anxiety or even depression.

16 tips for a restful sleep

Follow these simple, but very effective tips to have hours of deep sleep . Start applying them at least 2 hours before going to bed and you will see how the way you sleep changes.

  1. Leave work problems in the office, don't take them home, much less to your bed.

  2. Avoid taking more than one nap a day, and if you do, 20-30 minutes is enough.

  3. Do not do physical exercises before going to bed, do it during the day.

  4. Your bedroom is for sleeping only, do not use it to watch TV, Netflix, listen to the radio or eat.

  5. Make your bedroom relaxing, comfortable and cosy, with the right temperature, dim light and no noise.

  6. Sleep on a comfortable mattress and pillows.

  7. Keep electronic devices, such as TVs, computers, and smartphones, out of the bedroom.

  8. Do not check or look at your cell phone and electronic devices for at least two hours before going to sleep, because blue light activates your brain and prevents you from falling asleep.

  9. Do not go to bed hungry, but do not abuse excesses at dinner either. Eat light with real and filling foods.

  10. Avoid alcohol, tobacco and stimulating drinks such as coffee, tea or soft drinks in the late afternoon and before going to bed.

  11. Establish a fixed time to go to sleep and get up, even on weekends. This way you will create a habit.

  12. A hot bath before bedtime will help you relax your muscles and reduce stress.

  13. To manage stress and anxiety, practice progressive muscle relaxation techniques, that is, tensing and relaxing your muscles and deep breathing.

  14. Take a few minutes to meditate before going to bed, especially to be thankful. This simple practice is very relaxing and effective.

  15. Wear comfortable clothes to sleep.

  16. Supplement yourself with natural and quality products, melatonin is the option most supported by science.

If with these tips you can't fall asleep, don't worry or stay tossing and turning in bed, that won't make you sleepy.

In that case, get up and do some relaxation technique or read a good book. Do not even think about checking social networks, mobile or TV.

Also, don't get used to using prescription sleep aids because they are addictive, unless you have a specific medical condition and it has been prescribed by a doctor.

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