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Discover how to sleep soundly and wake up energized

Descubre cómo dormir profundo y despertar con energía

The best feeling you can have in the morning is waking up energized, rested and happy. Everything announces that your day will be productive and you will be able to do your pending tasks without effort.

Therefore , developing healthy habits to sleep better and sounder is essential, but many times it becomes difficult.

However, there is good news: there are simple ways to improve the quality of your sleep, which will guarantee you a restful night and a fulfilling day.

If you want to know what they are, I invite you to continue reading this article.

6 tips to wake up with energy every day of your life

For many, the best time of day is bedtime.

Let's just say it's a glorious opportunity where you get into dreamland and forget about problems.

At least, that's how it's supposed to happen. But unfortunately, many people suffer from insomnia and find it difficult to fall asleep.

And since the idea is that you can sleep soundly and get out of bed wanting to take on the world, here are some tricks that can work for you:

Leave the blue lights aside (television, computer and cell phone)

Leave the blue lights aside (television, computer and cell phone)

If you've tried almost everything to fall asleep fast and nothing works for you, look at how many hours you spend in front of your TV, computer or cell phone.

These electronic devices emit a blue light that affects the melatonin (sleep hormone) that your brain produces.

We know it's too tempting to watch your phone or TV at night until you fall asleep, but this only makes it hard for you to sleep and interrupts your deep sleep.

Also, you should focus the light bulbs in your room, because LED lights obstruct the sleep hormone.

To address this, the National Sleep Foundation recommends using red, pink, or incandescent bulbs in your bedroom lamps to promote restful sleep.

open your window a bit

open your window a bit

It has happened to all of us. On a rainy and cloudy day, it seems that the sheets stick to us until they can't.

And, usually, it happens because the room is so dark that your body associates the environment with the night.

For this reason, it is advisable to leave the window a little open so that as soon as the first rays of the sun come out, they enter your room. You will wake up with more energy if you turn on the lights or open the blinds to full as soon as you open your eyes.

To wake up with energy, play your favorite music

To wake up with energy, play your favorite music

Did you know that music benefits the production of dopamine, a neurotransmitter whose functions are to maintain energy in the body and improve mood?

It is a quick, pleasant and easy-to-acquire solution to keep your motivation high and wake up happy.

So turn it up and dance a little, unless your kids are sleeping .

Be consistent in all your routines

Be consistent in all your routines

If your bedtime routines change every day of the week, you'll be wasting a great chance to sleep soundly and wake up energized.

In this post " The perfect formula to sleep through the night " you will find the best way to establish your sleep routines.

You can also try using a sleep app. Yes, there are apps for everything.

They are a good tool, since they tell you how many hours you slept at night and tell you when to go to bed. Some offer relaxing songs and meditations.

Also, try to adjust to positions so you don't snore.

Put your alarm away from your bed

Put your alarm away from your bed

To avoid getting trapped in the arms of Morpheus, a good option is to wake up with a single impulse.

Place the alarm away from your bed so it is not easily accessible. Of course, where you can hear it.

Ideally, your body should get up every day at the same time.

And since everything is a matter of habits and routines, this is a good way to get used to it and wake up with energy.

Use a supplement that helps you sleep soundly and wake up energized

And no, we are not referring to sleeping pills.

We recommend using a sleep regulator and natural relaxant that does not cause drowsiness, tiredness or inattention the next day.

Sleep is the Evolution Advance Nutrition option, which not only helps you fight insomnia in record time, but also minimizes stress and helps fight free radicals that age and cause disease.

Getting a good night's sleep and jumping up in the morning has many benefits. From boosting your mood to successfully pulling off a day at work.

If you use these strategies to avoid insomnia and adopt positions to avoid snoring , but your problems with deep sleep do not resolve, you should see a doctor.

What do you do to wake up with energy? tell us.

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