8 strategies that help you fight insomnia and a forever ally

8 estrategias que te ayudan a combatir el insomnio y un aliado para siempre

Avoiding insomnia has become one of the most pursued goals today .

Everyday chores and stress, whether it's the rush with the kids, long hours on the computer or on the phone, a heavy workload, or too little are factors that affect our ability to sleep .

Sleep is extremely important for our body and well-being. Not only because when we sleep we recharge our batteries for the next day, but because our brain relaxes and reorganizes itself .

As if that were not enough, not sleeping could increase the risk of obesity, heart disease and Alzheimer's, among others.

If you are one of those who find it difficult to fall asleep or wake up in the middle of the morning, I invite you to follow these tips to avoid insomnia .

Your lifestyle is essential to combat insomnia

Our lifestyle transcends far beyond what we think. It affects the skin, hair, nails, energy and… insomnia or sleep.

Like everything, it is something that can be changed, improved and trained.

Let's go with some guidelines that will surely help you fight insomnia if you incorporate them into your day to day with perseverance and discipline.

Try to relax before going to your room.

Take a relaxing bath with foam and warm water; listen to soft music, it can be classical or instrumental; Or, if you want, before going to bed, try doing a guided meditation.

They are simple practices that will not only help you avoid insomnia , but also give you some time with yourself alone.

Keep regular hours of sleep

Try to go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day. Over the course of days, this will serve to make you sleepy at exactly that time.

If you can, go to bed when you feel most tired or sleepy. Be careful, do not go past 10:00 pm.

Create a warm and welcoming atmosphere

Your bedroom should be a place where you can sleep. Take into account the temperature, lighting and external noise.
Also make sure your bed and pillow are comfortable. Thus, when you lie down your body will say: “ahhhh”.

write your worries

Usually when we go to bed, all our worries and pending tasks come to mind.
And not to mention the hypothetical scenarios that we can sometimes come to think or idealize.

To avoid insomnia and these ideas disappear from our heads just as we sleep, it is better to write them down.

Something like an intimate diary.

Exercise regularly to avoid insomnia

The best way to release all the loads of the day is by exercising.

Going to the gym, running outdoors, swimming or cycling are some of the activities that help prevent insomnia. And, above all, they help your body to rest more easily.

But yes, if you are going to include these activities in your exercise routines, make sure you do not do them close to your scheduled bedtime, because otherwise it will be difficult for you to fall asleep, since you will be energetic.

cut down on caffeine

Caffeine interferes with the process of conquering sleep and also inhibits deep sleep.

If you can, gradually remove coffee, energy drinks and some teas from your diet.

control your meals

It is important that... DO NOT get carried away!

If you have dinner in the evening, try to eat something light and cut down on alcoholic beverages, which will make you sleepy at first but take it away later.

To avoid insomnia it is better that you moderate at dinner time; you should also take care of the nocturnal binges.

If you want to know what you can eat to sleep like a baby, check out this article “17 foods to sleep better” .

Put aside the cigarette if you want to avoid insomnia

Nicotine is a stimulant. People who consume it regularly have trouble falling asleep and tend to wake up more frequently at dawn, which takes them away from the arms of Morpheus.

What if I can't avoid insomnia with these strategies, what can I do?

What if I can't avoid insomnia with these strategies, what can I do?

If one night it happens to you that sleep forgot about you, get out of bed and do an activity that relaxes you.

It can be reading a book, walking around the house for a while, doing meditation or stretching a bit.

And when you feel that the yawning is coming and going, go to your room, wrap up, close your eyes and take slow breaths, inhale deeply and exhale as much as you can.

Repeat it several times until you wake up the next day with a lot of energy.

What if I suffer from insomnia every night?

Now, if every night you have problems avoiding insomnia, it is better that you go to your doctor and tell him about your problem.

Of course, avoid taking drugs to sleep, because later you will create a dependency.

There are natural products that can help you stimulate your sleep and sleep soundly all night.

Our recommendation?

Look for a supplement made from natural ingredients.

Our body produces a series of substances necessary for sleep. Due to stress, that production may be affected.

Help your body with a supplement based on:

Melatonin. This powerful hormone produced by the body regulates your biological clock and works wonders to repair sleep disorders.

Magnesium. This mineral plays an important role in more than 300 bodily functions, including metabolism, blood sugar regulation, bone health, and the nervous and muscular systems.

L-theanine. It is an abundant amino acid in green tea that is used to alleviate states of stress, anxiety and achieve a healthy state of relaxation.

Also, it promotes the release of dopamine and serotonin that make you feel more positive and joyful. Best of all, it doesn't cause the side effects of chemical sleep aids and painkillers.

We recommend you:

Measure what works best for your body: whether it's meditating, playing sports or taking a supplement to help you with that persistent insomnia.

That's why we want to give you this downloadable template, so you can write down your progress.

Combined with the Sleep supplement that we recommend below, we are sure that you will notice a difference within a few nights.

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