Bloated belly and constipation? look at the solution

¿Vientre hinchado y estreñimiento? Mira la solución

If something can ruin our day, it is having symptoms of a bloated belly and constipation. And not to mention how it takes away the desire to dress in something tight.

You should pay special attention to them, because they can continue to worsen or add new discomforts, such as abdominal distension and chronic inflammation.

But don't be scared, for that uncomfortable feeling of gas trapped in the abdomen or pressure in the intestines, there are easy-to-apply solutions that I will show you in this post.

Ways to avoid a bloated belly and constipation 

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  • Limit foods that cause bloating

There are foods with high amounts of little or no digestible compounds that can cause inflammation and constipation.

Among them, insoluble and soluble fibers, sugar alcohols, refined sugars and fructose that end up in the large intestine, where bacteria ferment them, causing gas.

  • Keep a food journal

Food intolerances can cause bloating and excess gas. A common bloat culprit is autoimmune gluten intolerance, known as celiac disease.

By tracking what you eat for several weeks, you can determine if certain foods are harmful to you.

  • Increase fiber intake gradually
  • Fiber helps prevent bloated belly and constipation. But overindulging or eating too quickly can cause more gas and bloating.

    Avoid eating more than 70g of fiber a day, and add it to your diet slowly to allow your body to adjust to the change.

  • Eating smaller portions and limiting fatty and processed foods
  • Overeating contributes to bloating, stretches the stomach, and causes the accumulation of gases and solids throughout the intestine.

    The more indigestible or poorly digestible carbohydrates you eat, the more they will accumulate in the colon and your body will produce more gas.

    Better, reduce the size of your plates and avoid foods high in saturated fat, fast food, chips, chocolate and sweets.

  • Use a mild laxative to clean out your bowel
  • They are foods that improve intestinal transit, prevent constipation and promote your health. They range from fruits, herbs, fibers and more.

    Its greatest advantage is that they do not harm the intestinal flora or cause addiction.

    You can consume them in their natural state. But to see immediate results, the smartest choice is a supplement that contains the most effective ones.

    If you think this kind of solution is what you need, meet Happy Poo from Evolution Advance.

  • Try the probiotics
  • Probiotics are good bacteria that live in the intestines to maintain a balance of bacterial flora, a healthy stomach, and iron health.

    A probiotic supplement would be helpful in regulating colonic bacteria that can cause gas and bloating.

    Evolution Advance has a natural and safe option, called Good Bacteria that contains 30 billion good microorganisms.

  • reduce salt
  • Excess sodium causes the body to retain water. This, in addition to making cellulite worse, can cause a bloated belly sensation.

  • Be careful with some medications
  • There are medications that cause gastrointestinal discomfort such as bloating and constipation.

    Ask your doctor to recommend alternatives that are gentler on the digestive tract.

  • Try abdominal massage
  • Massaging the abdomen helps move the intestines to improve constipation. Do it by following the path of the large intestine and you will notice the difference.

  • practice yoga
  • There are yoga postures that can release excess gas from the gastrointestinal tract, thanks to the fact that they massage the muscles of the abdomen.

    They will do you wonders to avoid a swollen belly and constipation.

    As you can see, the solution to the symptoms of bloating and constipation is easy, natural and safe. Put them into practice and the changes will come before you know it.

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