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Tricks to avoid a swollen abdomen

Trucos para evitar el abdomen hinchado

Perhaps you are one of those who have already tried everything to have a flat and toned abdomen. You do crunches, you eat a little better and you go to the beauty salon every week to get massages, but even so, your swollen abdomen is still there.
Some causes may be: fluid retention, bowel problems, difficulty going to the bathroom regularly (constipation), etc.
In the same way, do not be discouraged, because for this there is a solution and in this article you will find it. I invite you to continue reading and find the ally that will help you combat a swollen abdomen.

Tricks to avoid a swollen abdomen

Tricks to avoid a swollen abdomen
  • Drink enough water: this will help you better digest all the food you eat, so the food does not become hard and compact in your stomach; water will also help you feel fuller between meals and also prevent fluid retention.
  • Prevent constipation: constipation is a very common digestive problem and can cause you to have a swollen abdomen; for this reason it is advisable to consume more soluble fiber, but with caution, because excess fiber can worsen the situation.

If you suffer from this disease, I recommend you read this article: "Tips to avoid constipation easily".

  • Stay active and walk: Physical activity can cause the bowels to move more regularly, which helps release excess stool and gas. Likewise, exercise also releases additional sodium from the body through sweat, which helps alleviate water retention.

Also, if you spend a lot of time sitting, take active breaks, this will help improve circulation and reduce fluid retention.

  • Stay away from processed foods: These types of foods are low in fiber and high in salt and fat. Salt causes fluid retention and fat slows down the digestive process because it takes longer to digest, which can cause constipation and a swollen abdomen.
  • Don't eat too much at once: If you eat large amounts and feel uncomfortable afterwards, try smaller portions, being full can make you feel bloated. By chewing your food better, you will reduce the amount of air you swallow with your food and this will help you avoid a bloated abdomen, as well as slow down your eating.
  • Maintain a sleep routine: few believe it, but a good rest is essential for the body to function well. It is recommended to sleep at least 7 to 8 hours of deep sleep to prevent the body from retaining fluids.
  • Take probiotics: Probiotic supplements can help improve the bacterial environment in the gut, which can help reduce symptoms of gas and bloating.
  • Add more protein to your plate: the recommendation is that your diet be high in protein, since if it is low, albumin (protein produced by the liver) can accumulate fluids between the tissues.
  • Rule out common food allergies and food intolerances: When you eat foods to which you are allergic or intolerant, your body can react with many symptoms, but the most common are gas and bloating.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothing: believe it or not, wearing very tight clothing obstructs circulation and also makes it difficult to expel body fluids. So it's better to wear cute, but baggy clothes, you'll still look pretty.
  • Avoid the consumption of soft drinks: these types of carbonated drinks contain gases that when consumed, inflate you and, consequently, make your abdomen swollen.
  • Consume supplements to avoid fluid retention: 100% natural supplements can help you avoid a bloated abdomen, help you purify your body and expel everything that affects your health.

At Evolution Advance Nutrition , we have two great allies to fight a swollen abdomen quickly and safely, they are called:

At Evolution Advance Nutrition, we have two great allies to fight a swollen abdomen quickly and safely, they are called:
  • Water Less , a supplement that will help you relieve swelling in extremities, face and swollen abdomen.
  • Happy Colon , a supplement that will help you get rid of constipation and abdominal inflammation, you will have a healthier stomach.

Don't get discouraged! With perseverance and discipline you can reduce a few centimeters to look like you always wanted... healthy, radiant and fit.
If any of these tips have not helped you, it is better that you see a doctor and he is the one who takes your case.
What do you do to avoid a swollen abdomen? tell us.

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