Menopause and Hormones

Learn to understand your hormones and live the menopause in balance with our advice and tools validated by science.

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Suplementos y cuidados de alimentación durante la menopausia

Te han dicho de mil formas que la menopausia es una etapa de cambios, que vas a experimentar transformaciones en tu cuerpo y que tu estado de ánimo será muy variable. Tienes amigas que te...

How Toxins Affect Hormones at Menopause

Do you think that by eating well and exercising you are not exposed to external enemies that intoxicate you? Learn how toxins affect hormones in menopause and their solutions.

Why Eating Fiber Helps Level Estrogen

What is the use of eating fiber? Surely you did not know that it can improve your estrogen levels and avoid the discomfort of menopause. Learn to use it to your advantage

How cellulite affects women psychologically

Do you hide your body because of cellulite? Do you feel insecure on the beach or with uncovered clothes? Learn how cellulite affects psychologically and how to overcome it

The effects of stress that no one has told you about

Children, work, debts. There are plenty of reasons to get stressed, but do you know the effects of stress on your mind and body? We give you a solution.

Eliminate orange peel for Christmas and New Year

It's never too late to do something for the body you want. If you want to remove orange peel from your legs, buttocks and arms, read our recommendations.

Parties without swelling due to fluid retention

Will you miss the end of the year events because you don't look swollen? We give you 10 tips to avoid swelling due to fluid retention during the holidays.

Dry brushing for cellulite

Can a natural practice help you have smoother skin without cellulite? If you want an effective solution, dry brushing is what you need.

Cellulite due to fluid retention

Did you know that you can have cellulite due to fluid retention? Learn effective solutions to reduce it and start looking smoother and softer skin.

Most common types of cellulite in older women

Does cellulite affect your self-esteem? Learn about the types of cellulite that appear over the years and the best recommendations to smooth it out.