How to treat hormonal cellulite

Cómo tratar la celulitis hormonal

Having cellulite at any age is not strange, it is even stranger not to have it. And the closer you get to menopause, the greater the chance it will appear or get worse.

Many times, it's not even because you gain weight. Or haven't you seen plump women with legs as smooth as peaches and other very thin ones with orange peel on their tails?

So who to blame? To the usual suspects of the signs of aging, female hormones. Yes, hormonal cellulite exists. Here we will tell you what it is and how to treat it.

Hormonal cellulite, why does it happen?

You should already know that a sedentary lifestyle, smoking, drinking alcohol, tight clothing, not drinking enough water, overindulging in sugar and trans fats, or not eating the daily recommended proteins is a fatal cocktail for cellulite to do its thing.

Genetics may also play a role.

But as you approach perimenopause and menopause, a hormonal imbalance begins that threatens to accentuate dimples in the skin.


Estrogens and progesterone

Both hormones can trigger the process and turn cellulite into a torment.

  • When estrogen decreases, it facilitates the accumulation of fat. And the more fat you store under the skin, the risk of cellulite increases.
  • Low progesterone can also sabotage you by bringing hidden fat clumps in the deep layers of your skin to the surface and making them more visible.
  • Between the two, they can cause vascular changes, such as decreasing blood flow and retaining fluids under the skin, giving it a rough appearance.
  • In addition, elastin and collagen, two proteins that provide firmness and tone, decrease. Therefore, the skin is thinner and the dimples are more noticeable.

The natural solution for hormonal cellulite

Maybe you have tried all kinds of anti-cellulite lotions, treatments, pills or juices. Also, there are those who say that cellulite can be removed with exercises alone.

But if you're here, chances are you've already tried them all and they haven't worked for you in the long run.

So what to do to treat cellulite caused by hormones?

It is obvious: if the cause of your cellulite is internal, you have to treat it from within.

There are those who achieve results with hormone replacement therapy strictly monitored by an endocrinologist.

But thousands of women have also found smoother and more beautiful skin on their legs, buttocks, abdomen and arms, with an absolutely natural solution.

We present it to you…

Get to know the Bye Bye cellulite combo

This solution combines three supplements that address hormonal cellulite at its root with two aesthetic tools to minimize that padded appearance that frustrates you so much.

  • Vitality greens
  • You can get a lot of benefit from this powerful multivitamin during menopause and perimenopause. Not only to improve hormonal cellulite, but all climacteric symptoms.

    ✓ Contains nutrients from cruciferous vegetables that help reduce estrogen levels . This way, you will avoid those fat nodules that are noticeable when you wear shorts or swimsuits.

    ✓ As it offers all the nutrients of 42 vegetables, fruits and superfoods, it repairs damage to skin cells, improving its appearance.

    ✓ In addition, it will be easier and faster for you to reach the daily dose of vegetables you need to lose a few pounds and get rid of cellulite .

  • Water less
  • This supplement has seven of the most effective herbs to reduce fluid accumulation that highlights the appearance of cellulite . See what it can do for you:

    Drains excess water and sodium giving your skin a more even appearance.

    ✓ If you do exercises to strengthen your areas with cellulite, it is great because, by eliminating liquids, the work on your muscles will be more noticeable.

    Eliminates toxins that cause fat accumulation and, as a consequence, facilitate the appearance of cellulite.

  • Happy Poo
  • How can a mild laxative make you wear those sleeveless blouses that you no longer wear so that “they don't see the cellulite on your arms”? Well, in a lot.

    Because when you accumulate poop in your intestine, you also retain toxins in the connective tissue that end up turning into cellulite on your arms or any problem area.

    Additionally, as it keeps your intestinal flora healthy, you will lose fat more easily.

  • Gua Sha and dry brushing
  • Once you give your body the nutrients it needs to improve hormonal cellulite, you can take two extra steps to help you treat it every day.

    You may also be interested in reading Gua Sha: anti-aging therapy for your body  

    On the one hand, Gua Sha improves blood and lymphatic circulation, which redistributes extracellular fluid. Your skin will thank you and look prettier.

    There is also dry brushing, a beauty routine that simply passes over the skin in a circular motion, increases blood flow, eliminates dead cells and toxins, in addition to stimulating fluid drainage.

    Start looking smoother and softer skin with the most complete natural solution against hormonal cellulite.

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