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9 myths about cellulite

How effective are supplements in eliminating cellulite? In our blog we tell you the myths and truths about cellulite. Read the full article.

Tips to eliminate cellulite in legs and buttocks

So that you stop being overwhelmed by cellulite in your buttocks and legs, we give you tips to reduce its appearance on your skin and regain your confidence.

The best method to combat fluid retention on your vacation

Stop suffering from feeling bloated on vacation. Learn about the method that will help you combat fluid retention so that you can wear your bathing suit without penalty.

Effective tips to reduce cellulite and show off radiant skin on your next vacation

The holidays are just around the corner. If you are worried about not being able to wear shorts or a bikini because of orange peel skin, here we tell you how to reduce cellulite safely,...

Cellulite is not just a female aesthetic issue

Is cellulite more common in men than in women? Discover some truths about this condition that affects more women than you think

Fluid retention in menopause: how to combat it

Is there anything more frustrating than discovering that pants don't work for you? Do not torment yourself, perhaps you did not gain weight but you are retaining liquids. detect it here

Liquid retention and cellulite: fight them like this

Combatir retención de líquidos y celulitis es de gran ayuda para bajar de peso, mejorar la salud y moldear tu silueta. ¡Aprende cómo hacerlo!