Parties without swelling due to fluid retention

Fiestas sin hinchazón por retención de líquidos

December is a month to celebrate, share, give gifts and reunite with loved ones. But it is also a time when you can fall into excess.

You overdo it with dishes bathed in sauces or with a lot of salt, sugary desserts and liquors full of calories. Also, you are overwhelmed with late nights and stress from having to prepare the celebrations, attend to visitors and make last-minute purchases.

That 's not to mention that the hormonal imbalances of perimenopause and menopause do not take holiday vacations , making you retain fluids just like every day.

A drastic measure for parties without bloating due to fluid retention would be not to go to any event, crazy, right? Better follow the advice that we are going to offer you below. Why do you tend to bloat more in December due to liquids?

Swelling in the body and face due to fluid retention appears when your body detects a low level of fluids. Either because you are poorly hydrated, you abused salt and sodium, or because of hormones.

The fact is that when your body identifies this drop in fluids, it activates a perfectly efficient defense mechanism. Imagine it as if it closed all the floodgates to accumulate the liquid it considers necessary to maintain its balance.

I give you two examples:

  • After a big dinner where you had a couple of drinks and ate divinely, your hands, ankles, lips, and eyelids look swollen. It's because your body is trying to level out excess sodium or salt through fluid buildup.

  • Also, you can bloat when you get stressed because you want your parties to be perfect or you don't know what to give your children and grandchildren. Not only because you generate more of the hormone cortisol (which causes fluid retention), but you tend to take refuge in foods that give you pleasure in minutes, such as sweet and salty snacks, or fried foods.

10 keys to parties without bloating due to retention of body fluids

We agree, the holidays are to enjoy, not to be too restrictive. But you can learn how to combat fluid retention and avoid major bloating at this time, by learning to transform your habits .

  1. Avoid foods rich in salt such as sausages, sauces, dressings and some cheeses, especially Roquefort.
  2. Start stopping eating sugar , controlling desserts, sweets, fast food, soft drinks and other foods because they will make you retain more water inside your body.
  3. On days you don't celebrate, try to eat enough protein, ideally without dressings or sauces.
  4. Vegetables such as artichokes, watercress, chard, pumpkin, among others, as well as melon and watermelon, will help you counteract the sodium in your body.
  5. Hydrate yourself with two liters of water a day (approximately 8 glasses of water) to allow adequate elimination of fluids, preventing retention. You shouldn't exceed that amount of water because you will retain it. If you consume mineral water, check the label to see if it is sodium-free.
  6. Be cautious with alcoholic beverages , because many are rich in sugar or combined with soft drinks.
  7. You can take a break from your regular training routines, but don't become sedentary. Move or do some exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. Take advantage of the parties to dance, you will have fun and counteract swelling due to fluid retention.
  8. Avoid dresses, shoes and clothing that are too tight because they obstruct your circulation and make it difficult for fluids to be expelled correctly.
  9. Try to maintain your regular sleep routine on days when you don't go out partying. Sleeping at least 8 hours prevents bloating and excess fluids.
  10. Consume supplements to eliminate fluids from your body such as the Less Fat, Less Water Combo that contains natural ingredients with diuretic properties so that you can improve swelling in the extremities, face and abdomen.

This solution will not only help you in December, but it can be your best ally all next year.

In addition, you will obtain additional benefits such as losing fat, having less cellulite, eliminating toxins and avoiding sagging.

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