Dry brushing for cellulite

Cepillado al seco para la celulitis

Many times we complicate our lives looking for the latest trends to have smoother skin, when there are super-economical and practical solutions that have been reducing dimples in young and mature skin for centuries.

This is the case of dry brushing for cellulite , an Ayurvedic practice that works wonders, using it from home for a few minutes.

Do you find it hard to believe that this technique is more effective than many state-of-the-art equipment ? Read on to learn about its benefits and how to integrate it into your daily beauty routine.

What is dry brushing and how does it help for orange peel skin?

Dry brushing is about massaging your body with a natural bristle brush, applying the correct technique, with perseverance and discipline.

The so-called "dry brushing" can transform skin with cellulite, congested, dry and dull, in its smoothest and softest version.

It is an easy and practical tool, the size of the palm of your hand for greater comfort, with which you will achieve many benefits that you will love:

  • Improves the appearance of cellulite

Many women have found dry brushing to make skin appear smoother and silkier. The trick is that it manages to mobilize excess toxins, fat, and retained fluids that cause orange peel skin.

Mind you, it's not some kind of silver bullet you do today and it will give you results in a week. To maintain its effect you must do it 3 times a week, without fail, or you will lose the result.

Do it in the way that we will indicate later and begin to transform the habits that cause cellulite. You will see how your thighs, legs, hips and more are improving.

  • It helps with blood circulation

Did you know that in one in three cases of cellulite the cause is poor blood circulation ?

This happens because when the blood does not move properly, it hinders the elimination of toxins, causing more fat storage in the tissues and, consequently, cellulite appears.

Well, by brushing your skin you promote blood movement in any area of ​​your body, promoting the elimination of toxins, oxygenating the tissues and nourishing your cells.

  • Lymphatic system support

The lymphatic system is the one that is in charge of dragging liquids and toxins retained in the body to expel them naturally.

There is cellulite due to fluid retention . Therefore, stimulating normal lymphatic flow with the help of the brush will help you remove these enemies from your skin faster.

  • It's exfoliating

When you brush you will be amazed to see how the dead cells, dirt and debris in the pores are loosened. And thanks to this exfoliation, you will have less dry skin, much softer and brighter.

The good thing is that if you keep it over time, you will remain with that softening and beautifying effect.

  • relaxing effect

Pampering yourself has a delicious effect on your emotions and helps lower stress.

Well, dry brushing is a pleasant massage that will bring you well-being because you will release tension and relax your muscles.

The best thing is that when you reduce your stressful states you generate less cortisol and avoid the accumulation of fat that can cause cellulite.

How to do dry brushing?

  • How many times: 3 per week is enough.
  • Massage time: maximum 10 minutes to brush your entire body.
  • When to do it : It is recommended before showering so that dead cells and toxins go down the drain. But if doing it first thing in the morning makes your mornings chaotic or you simply want to do it at another time, it is valid. Adapt it to you so that you maintain the habit.
  • How to do it:
  1. Start brushing (firmly, but not too much pressure) in an upward circular motion.
  2. Start from the soles of the feet and go up the legs, thighs, hips and belly.
  3. Pass the brush through the arms without forgetting the shoulders or back.
  4. You can apply the massage in smaller circles on the belly.
  5. Avoid the face and nipples.
  • How many times to pass the brush : 3 times each area.

When finished, clean the brush with soapy water and let it air dry so that it does not accumulate mold.

What to do after?

When your skin is perfectly clean, it will be the ideal time to apply some moisturizing cream or oil. The absorption will be much deeper and it will work better.

After you do it, run your hands over different areas of your body, they will feel amazing and they will look silkier.

It will also favor you to apply some anti-cellulite cream at the end of the process, because the effect will be greater on skin free of impurities.

Does it have side effects?

  • If you apply too much pressure or do it more than three times a week you could cause dehydration and remove the protective outer layer of your skin.
  • If you have sensitive skin, test on a small area first to make sure it doesn't cause redness, irritability, or abrasions.
  • If you have skin inflammation, chronic dry skin or psoriasis, do not use it before consulting a doctor.

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