Probiotics for weight loss: add them to your diet

Probióticos para bajar de peso: agrégalos a tu dieta

Are you tired of trying everything to lose a few extra pounds? If so, perhaps you are not taking into account your intestinal flora, which could be the cause of not being able to lose weight. And the solution for this is probiotics to lose weight .

Using them in your daily diet will also add a plus of benefits for your body, especially for your intestines.

If you are interested in knowing how probiotics will help you lose weight, I invite you to continue reading.


They are small living beings that cannot be seen by the human eye with the naked eye. They are considered essential for life, and their wide diversity and distribution throughout the planet stands out.

Since very ancient times, our ancestors have been fermenting and pickling foods. And they did it in order to preserve their food for a few days.

But without knowing it, they created many superfoods that are rich in the best nutrients known to man. And believe it or not, they were packed with healthy microorganisms, like weight-loss probiotics.

Thanks to this, most people in ancient times enjoyed longer and healthier lives . But with the advent of the revolutions, food began to become more processed in order to be preserved for longer.

The sad consequence? If your food doesn't spoil, it means it's dead; that is, it has no nutrients or microorganisms to offer your body.

Why should I take care of good microorganisms?

If these good bacteria and fungi do their job properly, you'll stay healthy. But if they do not do it efficiently, there is a possibility that you have problems with the digestive tract.

Fun fact: did you know that an imbalance in your microflora can wreak havoc on your immune system, which makes up 80% of your gut?

I will tell you a little story to make it easier for you to understand. I promise it will be fun.

Mario is a superhero who lived in Intestinecityland and went out one morning in his car to rescue Carla's health. Mario was happy because, like all good microorganisms, he was acting in Carla's body to help her be 100% healthy. And he was sure that with his superpowers he would reduce the risk of acquiring diseases.

But one day Carla gave entry to Eduardo, the most hated villain in all of Intestinecityland... Do you know why that bad bacteria went into action and affected all the good things Mario did? Because Carla began to change her diet to more processed foods and became sedentary.

This is how Carla unknowingly banished Mario, the superhero, from Intestinecityland and left the evil Eduardo reigning. What Carla does not know is that Eduardo will affect his health and weight, unless he takes action on the matter.

Do probiotics really help to lose weight?

The answer is yes, as they naturally cleanse the colon and eliminate all the toxins you may have, including those that promote fat accumulation.

Remember that your body is designed to break down the food you eat into microparts. Thanks to this process, your intestines absorb essential nutrients from all foods; the rest are expelled as fecal matter.

Your body will react in the following way, depending on whether or not you have stability with the probiotics:

Take a look at this research

The truth is that little research has been done regarding probiotics for weight loss. In fact, researchers only began to take interest in 2010 , when a clinical trial evaluated the effects of Lactobacillus Gasseri on overweight.

The study that revealed everything was published in The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition and the truth is that the results were surprising. It was found that drinking 200 milliliters of fermented milk every day over the course of 12 weeks caused:

It should be noted that this research yielded such results, without including any changes in the exercise routines and diet of the participants, for which the results are considered great.

If you start using probiotics for weight loss and, along with it, lead a healthy lifestyle that involves eating a good diet and regular exercise routines, you could have incredible results!

In addition, you will not only have wonderful effects on your figure, but it will also benefit you in other areas of your body.

The best 4 probiotics for weight loss that you should include in your diet

Starting to eat probiotics to lose weight is super easy. All you have to do is add foods rich in good bacteria to your diet or rely on a supplement that contains probiotics.

The most surprising thing is that you can make these foods yourself at home, without any difficulty.
Here are some probiotic-rich foods you should try:


If you search the internet for “probiotics for weight loss”, kefir will be at the top of the list.
Also known as Bulgarian yogurt, it is a fermented milk rich in good bacteria and probiotic yeasts that:

You don't have to worry, kefir nodules can be grown at home safely. In addition, the production of the drink is easy and you can do it according to your tastes, since there are two types of kefir: milk and water.

Kimchi and Sauerkraut

You can eat these probiotics to lose weight together or separately, as you like . A good option would be at your lunch or dinner as a side dish.

Both foods are rich in digestive enzymes and probiotics for weight loss.


This weight loss probiotic consists of a blend of cane sugar and carbonated black tea. It is a peculiar combination that makes it rich in good bacteria, enzymes and B vitamins.

It has been popular in the Far East for more than 2,000 years, and the Journal of Medicinal Food says that kombucha "harmonizes and balances the overall metabolism, as well as eliminates or limits the accumulation of fat."

Would you dare to try it?


Very popular in Japan for its flavor and properties, this fermented soybean dish contains a strong weight loss probiotic called Bacillus Subtilis .

So far, studies have shown that this good bacteria can provide excellent benefits for your body:

It also contains Nattokinase , an enzyme with wonderful anti-inflammatory powers. And it is believed that it can also help with cancer.

good bacteria

If you want to supplement your diet to lose weight, Good Bacteria can help you, since it contains strains of probiotics that help regulate appetite, body fat reserves and metabolism.

Remember that there is nothing more effective to lose weight than implementing good healthy lifestyle habits, such as a good diet, a regular exercise plan and less stress in your life.

And if you want to get your results faster, you can rely on extras, such as probiotics to lose weight.

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