What is stubborn fat and how to get rid of it?

¿Qué es la grasa rebelde y cómo eliminarla?

Maybe it's happened to you too: no matter how hard you try to lose a few extra pounds and measures, there's a stubborn fat that just won't go away once and for all. It's like I'm stuck on like a tattoo...

Although there are some easy and effective alternatives to remove those chubby fat from our body, it is important to note that LOCALIZED FAT CANNOT BE ELIMINATED.

So, if your greatest desire is for stubborn fat to go away or at least reduce a little, I invite you to take a look at the advice that we will give you.

What is stubborn fat?

What is stubborn fat?

There are different types of body fat, which range from:

  • Essential: it is the minimum fat that the body needs to protect the organs.
  • Parda: it is the one that burns to warm the body when it is cold.
  • Intramuscular: found inside the muscles.
  • Subcutaneous: represents the highest percentage of body fat and is under the skin.
  • Visceral: it is the most dangerous of all and the one that hinders the proper functioning of the body.

But the term "stubborn fat" refers to fat deposits that, no matter how hard you have trained, eaten healthy and complied with your healthy habits, does not go away for the world.

We call it "rebel fat" because we've done everything to eliminate it, but it's still there, rebellious... indomitable. Its causes are varied, but there are four usual suspects:

What is stubborn fat?

Another peculiarity is that, depending on the person, it will accumulate in different areas . For example:

  • In women it is usually retained more on the hips, belly and under the arms.
  • In men it is usually stored in the abdomen.

Tips to eliminate stubborn fat

Accumulating fat can be very easy and fast; the titanic task is when you want to remove it, that's where the hard work comes from.

But luckily, there are some practices that can help you, beyond eating healthy and exercising.

No effort is too much, so here are several:

Be patient

Be patient

It is essential to be aware that removing stubborn fat is a process that takes time.
Nothing happens overnight, no matter how much you want; it's reality.

So when you set out to get rid of fat, remember what your ultimate goal is and be consistent.

To eliminate fat you have to eat balanced

To eliminate fat you have to eat balanced

Be careful not to stop eating!

Eat a balanced diet, where the highest consumption is of fruits and vegetables, reduce carbohydrates and eliminate, step by step, processed foods. It is also very important to include more protein and fiber.

Another nutrient that you should include in your diet to mobilize stubborn fat is known as CLA, but its name is conjugated linoleic acid.

This fatty acid not only contributes to mobilizing the fat adhered to the body for years, but also limits the production of new fat and promotes muscle toning.

Naturally, it is found in dairy products and red meat, preferably from grass-fed animals. And you can reinforce your consumption with the natural supplement CLA Fit from Evolution Advance Nutrition.

move more in the day

move more in the day

The idea is that in addition to doing your daily workouts, you climb more stairs, walk a little more than you did before, use the bike more, etc.

Basically, it is about doing more activities and leaving a sedentary lifestyle aside.

If you want to slim down that stubborn fat a little faster, this is a great strategy.

Train hard and with enthusiasm

Train hard and with enthusiasm

Many people think that by doing strength exercises instead of helping them lose fat, what they will do is harden it; but, the truth, when you do resistance exercises you burn more fat.

Often, many women have the idea that training with weights will make them look like a muscular man and this is not the case, on the contrary, it helps them lose weight and tone up .

Take a look at this post and see why:Woman: Training with weights will not make you look like a man ”.

drink plenty of water

drink plenty of water

Naturally, the body needs fluids (water) to survive.

So drink plenty of water. If you are one of those who find it difficult to drink it, take a look at this article: “ How to stay hydrated if you have trouble drinking water ”.

Sleep well and reduce stress

Sleep well and reduce stress

Few people know it, but sleep plays a very important role when it comes to fat loss, since it regulates hunger and satiety hormones.

According to a study, sleeping five hours or less each night increases the generation of visceral fat.

Here you have this bonus: “ The perfect formula to sleep through the night ”, click and watch it.

Stress can also make your task more difficult by triggering the hormone cortisol, which causes cravings (particularly for carbs) and causes fat to rebel in your midsection.

Without a doubt, eliminating fat is a job that requires effort, work and a lot of discipline.

Of course, each person is different and these tips may work for some and not for others.

Our recommendation is that you always be focused on your ultimate goal and have a lot of patience to see the results.

Is it bad for you too that that fatty doesn't leave for the world? Tell us what you do to remove it.

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