Accelerated Fat Loss Combo: Make It Work

Combo Pérdida de grasa acelerada: haz que funcione

If you are here, it can mean one of two things: you have already decided to have the help of our Accelerated Fat Loss Combo to reach the weight you want or you want to take the step.

Whatever your case, congratulations! Not only will it help you overcome those stubborn pounds that bury your self-esteem, but it will be very good for your health.

And so that you get faster and safer results, we will give you some keys that will help you get the most out of the four supplements that make up this team.

The worst enemies of weight loss diets

To avoid being overweight and its multiple complications that go beyond not fitting into your bikini in summer, it is not enough to eat less and exercise more.

Excess pounds must be attacked from multiple angles.

Or haven't you faced the following situations when you start a low-calorie eating plan?

  • Hunger between meals and cravings

If you have been eating inadequately for years, suddenly switching to a menu that is poor in flavor and nutrients can crash you on the way to your goal.

Because your body will seek to restore the balance to which it was accustomed. And that will make you crave the cookies, chips, and soda you used to drink.

  • The insomnia

The blue light to which we are exposed while watching series on Netflix or Stories on Instagram dramatically affects the quality of our sleep.

Well, it turns out that when you don't sleep well, you tend to consume 300 to 400 extra calories the next day and choose processed foods high in sugar and fat.

  • Stress

Credit cards to pay, children studying at home, late work or arguments with your partner... There are many reasons for stress.

You should know that getting stressed increases levels of cortisol (the stress hormone), which can harm your attempts to lose fat and accumulate it, especially in your midsection.

Also, it affects your muscle mass by increasing catabolism, commonly known as muscle loss.

  • The toxins

Food, cosmetics, plastic containers, cleaners, water and even the air you breathe contain harmful agents that create hormonal imbalances and alter the body's biochemistry, causing it to malfunction.

One of its consequences is the accumulation of fat, especially in the belly and hips due to the increase in estrogen , which generates the famous pear-shaped body.

  • stubborn fat

It happens to many: they are moving towards the goal, but there are areas of the body where the fat does not give up.

This happens when the body has a hard time mobilizing the accumulated fat to oxidize it and convert it into energy.

The main culprits of stubborn fat are poor eating habits, stress, or not getting enough sleep.

Four star products that mercilessly combat stubborn pounds

Based on this reality, we set out to create a solution for people who want to lose weight and measurements in less time.

And we find a way to help you fight the enemies of your weight, naturally, effectively and faster.

The Accelerated Fat Loss Combo was created to confront those silent enemies that shatter your previous attempts to look and feel the way you want.

  •  Fit & Slim , a healthy and delicious snack. It combines the advantages of whey protein and the benefits of fiber to lose weight, reduce appetite and maintain your muscle mass. Among its greatest attractions are its creaminess and flavors.
  • Sleep Fit, a 100% natural fat burner without stimulants that helps improve your nights of sleep, reduce body fat index, control appetite and improve intestinal transit.
  • Detox that becomes a protective shield that, although it does not prevent harmful substances from entering your body, does help your liver eliminate them faster and more efficiently.
  • And CLA Fit , one of the most effective supplements to mobilize fat deposits and prevent them from returning.

Keys to take full advantage of your accelerated fat loss combo

Keys to take full advantage of your accelerated fat loss combo

Don't do restrictive diets

Diets in which essential nutrients are suddenly eliminated cause hunger, fatigue, anxiety, and make it difficult to combat flaccidity, among others.

The ideal is that you build a eating style adapted to your tastes and your goal, balancing the different macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and fats).

  • Add color to your dishes with as many vegetables as possible

Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus and Brussels sprouts are ideal.

  • Don't abuse fruits

Choose those with a low glycemic index: strawberries, apple, blueberries, papaya and apple.

  • Don't give up carbohydrates

Opt for natural ones such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, quinoa, oats and wild rice.

  • Eat fatty fish

I eat salmon, cod and sardines for their high omega-3 content.

  • Say goodbye, step by step, to processed foods and sugar

You can treat yourself from time to time, but don't make it a rule.

  • Eat grains in moderation

Soak them overnight and cook them in a pressure cooker so you can absorb the nutrients from all your foods.


Activating your body will not only make you lose weight and measurements. It will also help you if you are stressed and don't sleep soundly.

You are not used to exercise, you can try this plan:


The ideal is that you have the support of a certified trainer, who will make you a specific plan for your goal, your physical condition and your lifestyle.

And when you feel that your body is asking you to rest, listen to it. This way you will avoid injuries that delay your evolution.

Prepare yourself mentally for your fat loss

The process of losing weight and fat has its ups and downs.

Some weeks you could lose 1 to 2 pounds. Other times, your weight may stagnate and you may even gain more than you lost. That does not necessarily mean that you gained weight, but that you are developing muscle mass, ideal for showing off a toned body!

If anxiety about your results not coming back so quickly weighs you down, try meditating, go out and have fun, or take up a hobby that you love.

And please, don't feel guilty or throw away your progress if you slip up and break your diet. It can happen to anyone.

Having your Accelerated Fat Loss Combo on hand will add positive points in your task of transforming yourself.

But remember that to achieve this you must accompany it with healthy habits. On their own, supplements don't work magic.

Don't go overboard with your supplement dosages either. With this you will not gain anything and it can harm your health.

Get the most out of your Accelerated Fat Loss Combo!

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