Tricks for a flat abdomen without losing muscle

Trucos para un abdomen plano sin perder músculo

One of the most common goals among people who want to improve their body is to have a flat abdomen without losing muscle.

And many have no idea where to start.

But don't worry; Here I will give you several strategies so that you can get closer to your goal every day.

How to have a flat abdomen without losing muscle

Lo primero que debes saber es que no se puede perder grasa localizada en un lugar específico del cuerpo (abdomen, glúteos, brazos, etc.), ya que tu organismo decide de dónde tomará la grasa.

The first thing you should know is that you cannot lose fat located in a specific place on the body (abdomen, buttocks, arms, etc.), since your body decides where it will take the fat from. If you want to know why and how this happens, read the post Is it possible to lose localized fat in specific areas of the body?

But if you follow a low-calorie, healthy and conscious diet that helps you lose, step by step, the excess fat you have, including your abdomen, you will avoid losing muscle and the appearance of sagging or hanging skin. Doing exercises will also be essential.

In general, the best strategy to lose fat is to eat whole, minimally processed foods, plenty of protein, high-fiber vegetables, and healthy oils (fats). With this, you will achieve a calorie deficit without feeling too hungry.

But here I give you the tricks so that you lose fat and not muscles

    1. Eat quality proteins such as eggs (or their whites), low-fat meats; chicken, turkey, fish or smooth loin and skim dairy products.
    2. Reduce the consumption of carbohydrates and their portions, if you are going to eat them, opt for whole grains that you can find in pasta and whole wheat bread, brown rice and legumes.
    3. Consume healthy fats, preferably raw, such as olive or avocado oil.
    4. Eat slowly and chew your bites at least 20 times.
    5. Include fermented foods in your diet, such as preferably low-fat yogurt.
    6. Drink plenty of water and no soft drinks, industrial juices and alcoholic beverages.
    7. Relax, don't stress and sleep the required 8 hours.
    8. Practice physical activity at least three times a week. It is vital that you combine cardiovascular exercises such as jogging, walking, elliptical, Zumba or others along with weight lifting exercise.

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To have a flat abdomen, without losing muscle, you must be aware that doing it too quickly is totally negative, since it will also cause you to lose muscle mass. I recommend you go step by step.

In addition, you must be disciplined and constant both when it comes to your diet and exercise.

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