How toxins may be affecting your weight?

¿Cómo las toxinas pueden estar afectando tu peso?

Even if you're doing everything you've been told, don't you sometimes feel that even breathing makes you fat? Well, it turns out that this is not an idea far from reality, because there are substances that make you gain weight even if you don't see them.

From the water, the containers in which you store your food, makeup and even the tomatoes that you eat can have toxins. The world we live in today is full of substances that affect some functions of our body such as metabolism.

In this post we tell you how those invisible toxins may be affecting your weight and we give you some solutions to help your body detoxify.

More toxins, more problems for your body

Toxins are chemicals found in the environment, food, chemicals, and even building materials.

They can have different effects on the human body, depending on the quantity and the source, it is even estimated that 25% of current diseases are caused by environmental or external factors.

There are people who develop allergies to the skin or the respiratory tract, but there have also been reports of damage to the nervous system or important organs such as the liver or kidneys due to excess of these substances.

Toxins can be affecting your weight

Among the most common types of toxins are endocrine disruptors which, according to medical publications , are external substances that directly affect the endocrine system, altering the functioning of hormones and triggering diseases such as diabetes or being overweight.

The possibility of a transmission of these endocrine disruptors during pregnancy has recently been investigated, which means that boys and girls are being born with a predisposition to have more adipose tissue (localized fat) due to a type of disruptor called obesogens.

Obesogens favor the accumulation of fat in the body and are what prevent you from being able to maintain the weight you wanted so much after having lost a few kilos after many months of exercise. This is because they promote the accumulation of fat by altering the normal development of fat cells.

Another of the ways in which this class of toxins affects your weight is because they do not allow the hunger or satiety hormones (leptin and ghrelin) to act correctly, which prevents you from feeling truly satisfied after eating and, therefore, that, you are snacking at odd hours with packet potatoes, donuts and chocolates to feel satiated.

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What to do to detoxify your body?

Proposing to live in a toxin-free environment would be impossible to fulfill. Unfortunately, we cannot avoid many of the agents in the environment, but it is possible to have habits that help your body maintain a balance.

The first thing is that you eat more consciously. Although there are fruits and vegetables that contain pesticides that contain toxins, it is preferable that you eat real food, rather than your diet being based on ultra-processed foods that will only contribute to your inflammation, since your metabolism and hormones do not act normally .

So, to detoxify your body, we suggest you stay away from sugars, refined flours, and soft drinks so that your liver can fulfill the task of filtering out everything that doesn't work.

Another of the super important habits in the detoxification process is to sleep well, because when you give your body the proper rest, your hormones regulate themselves and do their job well. So if you stay up until 1:00 am watching movies every night, it's time to start regulating your sleep schedules.

You should also try to live a less stressed life. By taking time to meditate, breathe mindfully, walk barefoot on the grass or sand, dance, or another activity that relaxes you, you will keep your emotions more balanced.

And for your liver to receive extra help in this detoxification process, you can try the Evoluti o n Advance Detox solution.

What does Detox do?

  • Reduces inflammation and restores the liver
  • Removes toxins and heavy metals
  • Eliminate visceral fat in less time, especially around the waist
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Helps in the absorption of vitamins and minerals from food
  • Improves the appearance of the skin

Now that you've learned that there are invisible toxins that can affect your weight, we hope you'll be more attentive to your habits so you can see stronger results in your physical appearance.

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