A real testimonial of weight loss from a self-care routine

Un testimonio real de pérdida de peso a partir de una rutina de autocuidado

It is believed that a self-care routine is to apply creams, put on sunscreen, moisturize your hair or go to the manicurist.

But in today's society, obsessed with perfect bodies, self-care is also thought to be rigid diets, daily exercises and, “if necessary”, surgery to look perfect and have more self-esteem.

The truth is that a light, healthy, energetic and attractive body is not achieved only with the physical part. It also involves taking care of your mind and improving your habits .

And what better way to learn it than with a real testimonial of weight loss from a self-care routine.

Danielle struggled with being overweight all her life

She was one of the millions of people who live struggling to lose weight and body fat.

She never felt comfortable in her body and it affected her emotionally.

She wanted to look good, rested and healthy, but she always fell into a vicious cycle and ended up frustrated.

  • I would start a fad diet or a new exercise plan.

  • Lost a couple of pounds that came back very quickly.

  • Anxiety made her take refuge in junk food.

  • The cravings would appear out of nowhere and I almost always fell.

  • She slept little thinking about how to get rid of her extra pounds.

  • She woke up tired, hungry and cranky.

  • I had a lack of energy to exercise.

  • Fat kept accumulating in her "problem areas."

Her body asked her for a change, but the obstacles and doing it alone made her feel deep stress. Her overweight prevented her from evolving or reaching other goals .

He even managed to lose 17 kg in a few months

Danielle continued to search for how to shed the stubborn pounds.

Until she learned that self-care for weight loss included changing habits and learning to listen to her body .

From 3 months, he noticed changes. And over time, he lost 17 kilos in a healthy way.

Danielle defines her transformation in one word: HAPPINESS.

✔ He got a body he felt comfortable with.

✔ She knew that eating healthy could satisfy her, it was delicious and nothing complicated

✔ Naturally slept like a baby

✔ Her stress decreased, she was more focused and her mood improved

✔ Had energy to face daily challenges.

✔ He got a taste for exercising.

The solution for your weight loss, self-care

Danielle did not succumb to magic recipes or operations that put her at risk .

She began a self-care routine in which she included new lifestyle habits and supplemented her diet with nutrients that made her task easier.

Every day he took his Evolution Advance Nutrition Accelerated Fat Loss Combo that contains 4 allies to combat the main obstacles to losing weight: cravings and hunger all day, stress, poor sleep, toxins and stubborn fat . It still does!

We present them to you so that you can also make them your allies.

Fit & Slim fights hunger, cravings and flaccidity

Among the biggest challenges in maintaining a low-calorie diet is being able to control the desire to eat a cake, pizza or ice cream in the middle of the afternoon or binge eating at night.

Fit & Slim is a whey protein with which you can prepare healthy desserts and shakes with ingredients that help avoid excesses or temptations, while fighting flaccidity because it cares for your muscles .

Sleep Fit for deep sleep and lower stress

Getting stressed is one of the worst obstacles to losing weight, because it causes hormonal imbalances, insulin spikes and emotional hunger that lead to overeating.

Stress also causes insomnia. And lack of sleep translates into a voracious appetite the next day due to imbalances in satiety, hunger and stress hormones.

Sleep Fit promotes a natural sleep to sleep straight for 7 hours, have more energy and improve stress levels . The best thing is that they help burn fat day and night .

Detox promotes the elimination of toxins that make you fat and inflamed

Toxins contaminate us on a daily basis, through food, cleaning products, pollution, water, and many others.

They cause the liver, instead of processing fats, to fight with toxic substances that disturb sleep, mess with hormones, gain weight and affect metabolism.

Detox is a supplement to reduce inflammation and restore the liver, remove toxins to burn fat and lose measures, in an accelerated way.

CLA Fit makes it easy to mobilize stubborn fat and keep it from coming back

When the body finds it difficult to mobilize accumulated fat to oxidize it and convert it into energy, it accumulates in specific areas of the body.

Conjugated linoleic acid is an ingredient that helps detach stubborn fat from the body to eliminate it easily, quickly and not to return .

It also prevents loss of muscle mass while losing weight .

You, too, can make breakthroughs like Danielle did. You just have to get into action and start your self-care routine for weight loss.

The benefits will not only be noticeable on the scale, but on your well-being and energy.

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