Lose weight the smart way with advice from expert nutritionists

Pierde peso de forma inteligente con los consejos de nutricionistas expertos

We collected the opinion of 15 specialists noted for their preparation and ability to help others get the body they long for. So don't worry, your health will be in good hands.

If you follow their advice to the letter, you will be healthy and fit. Furthermore, it can be the beginning of the best transformation you will give to your life.

Improve your habits and transform your way of thinking

Improve your habits and transform your way of thinking

Do you want to lose weight ? The best way to do this is to include new healthy habits in an organized manner and maintain them long term.

1 . Janet Garces - Graduate RDN, LD/N, MIEP. Specialist in kidney patients and conscious and instinctive eating.

For Janet, losing weight requires incorporating habits into your daily routines that help you shed the extra pounds.

  • Eat wisely, that is, allow yourself to be more aware of the positive and enriching opportunities that are available through the preparation and consumption of your food.
  • Use the hunger scale, it will help you eliminate excesses. It's a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 means you're not hungry and 10 means you're hungry. Try to choose between 5 and 8 to eat.
  • Reestablish your inclinations towards natural foods and choose to consume those that will nourish you the most at the moment.
  • Implement the conscious scale. Eat until you are full or as close to 80% of your meals as possible.
  • Meditate before each meal, it will help you relax and eat more calmly.
  • Choose a physical activity that brings you joy, in addition to exercising, it will help you cultivate self-care.
  • Eat real food, that is, in its natural state and form. Avoid processed foods and refined sugars if you want to burn body fat.
  • Listen to your body and be gentle. Practice self-compassion and listen to your feelings instead of emotional eating.
  • Your body needs rest and recovery to burn fat and heal.
  • Take mini walks after meals. Promotes digestion and motility.

2. Edurne Ubani - Functional Diagnostic Nutrition , specialist in evolutionary nutrition, digestive health, hormonal imbalances, aesthetic medicine and clinical nutrition.

He says that, currently, the consumption of nutritious and real foods has been left aside. It is difficult for society to differentiate a healthy food from a processed one.

Edurne shares the advice of expert nutritionists like Juan Revenga, who propose replacing the word “diet” with “eat well.”

His advice is:

  • Make sure you buy organic and unprocessed products. These are foods with high nutritional density that you can adjust to your needs.
  • Give your body what it needs to function optimally and stay that way for the rest of your life.
  • Focus on everything you can eat, instead of thinking about everything you have to stop consuming.
  • Always keep in mind that progress will be slow and gradual. Just imagine when you start to feel more energy, spirit and strength.

3. Juan Revenga - Dietitian and nutritionist

Juan affirms that losing weight is something that you must maintain, not only for a certain time but for the rest of your life.

Suggest the following actions:

  • Get on a scale and know your weight, that will help you take measures to maintain yourself. Not weighing yourself frequently can cause you to gain weight.
  • Don't go on diets if you don't change bad habits for good ones.
  • Do not follow just one diet because that does not ensure that you will lose or gain weight. This depends on many factors such as genetics, family environment, friendships, motivation and many more.

Experience new changes with the best advice from expert nutritionists

When you set a goal, it doesn't matter the difficulties you have to go through or the waiting time. The same thing happens with weight loss, you must have patience, desire and confidence to experience the transformation.

4. Beatriz Robles - Graduate in food science and technology and human nutrition and dietetics.

For her, you have to know your lifestyle and eating habits to lose weight. It's not about doing it to look good, but rather to enjoy good health.

Take note of these tips:

  • Set realistic goals and design a strategy that suits your needs.
  • Understand that it is not about going on a diet, but about implementing new changes in your life.
  • Learn to consciously make the best food choices.

5. Marcos Borges - physiologist and nutrition expert

Her clientele includes Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Jennifer Lopez, Pharrell Williams, Gloria Estefan and Shakira and she revealed in her book “The 22 Day Revolution” how anyone can change their diet and maintain their health, if they choose.

Marcos groups his main recommendations into three points:

  • Everyone should take control of their health.
  • You have to be aware of everything you consume daily, in terms of portions and times.
  • Be wise in every calorie you consume and burn.

If you do it long term, these tips will help you maintain and look like a star.

6. Paloma Gil - Doctor of medicine and surgery, specialist in endocrinology and nutrition.

Among the advice from expert nutritionists we include that of Paloma, who states that many people claim to eat well, but do not lose weight. To which she recommends reviewing very carefully what is consumed.

If you want to lose weight in a healthy way and without a rebound effect, take a look at their suggestions:

  • Eliminate ultra-processed foods. Those that are very rich in calories and poor in nutrients.
  • Do exercises. Moving more will help you lose weight.
  • Don't focus your goals only on weight. Always remember that everything you do is for your health.

7. Harley Pasternak - nutrition expert, personal trainer, motivational speaker, author and television host.

Harley has Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry among her clients. Not in vain is it essential when it comes to obtaining advice from leading nutritionists.

He says it's not about what you do inside a gym, but what you do outside of it. For this reason, it makes the following recommendations so that you can lose weight effectively:

  • Move on. Run or walk for at least 20 or 25 minutes. In this routine he adds exercises for different areas of the body per day.
  • Switch to a diet that helps improve your metabolism.
  • Take care of your dream. If you don't sleep well this can cause you to gain weight.
  • Disconnect from technology for at least an hour a day. There are studies that show that the blue light produced by these devices alters your sleep, your mood and your appetite.

8. Izabelle Coe - Brazilian functional nutritionist and YouTuber

Izabelle believes that to lose weight in a pleasant way, you have to be aware that you will leave old habits behind. From the moment you decide to evolve, you have to be willing to try something new.

Mention some aspects that you should take into account:

  • You should not restrict or prohibit any food, but rather replace it with new flavors that you can later include in your diet.
  • Change foods that cause inflammation or that are processed, for 100% natural ones.
  • Replace everything you have in your kitchen with healthy foods.
  • Don't try to lose all the weight at once, it is not healthy for your health. Remember that your body needs time to adopt new habits and changes.

9.- Cristina Sánchez - Dietitian and nutritionist with experience in the food sector.

Cristina offers good advice so you can prepare to make changes to your diet.

Although it clarifies that they must be progressive and effective; This is how you will begin to evolve:

  • Eliminate ultra-processed foods from your diet. They are those that are made up of more than 5 ingredients.
  • Eliminate sugar in every sense.
  • Eat three pieces of fruit a day, this will help you stay more hydrated, you will add vitamins to your diet and you will avoid sugar consumption.

10. Lara Lombarte - Dietician and nutritionist, nutritional coach and NLP practitioner.

We include Lara among the advice of expert nutritionists because she touches on a very important topic when it comes to losing weight.

He says that food and emotions have to be separate. Food cannot be a refuge to minimize the impact of a bad moment.

And many times, when nerves or anxiety attack, we eat extra. This must be changed, because to feel good emotionally you don't need to eat more food.

Lara recommends:

  • Explore yourself inside and discover the best way to be emotionally calm. If you are not able to detect it, go to a nutritional coach.
  • Be your own food artist. Just get that moment of inspiration and cook what you like, but healthy.

Take back the reins of your health and never let go again

Take back the reins of your health and never let go again

You may often stray from your healthy routine or, in some cases, break your eating style when there is a special event or during a vacation.

So that it doesn't continue to happen to you, look at these excellent tips from expert nutritionists for you to apply:

11. Elena Corrales , nutrition biologist

After a long vacation, you have to resume good healthy habits so you can reach your goal.

These are some of the aspects that can help you achieve this:

  • Use common sense, that is, according to the season you are in, you should consume foods that are appropriate.
  • Increase the amount of liquid. Drink water, teas, soups.
  • Eat whole grains, legumes and vegetables every day.

If you put it into practice, it will improve the appearance of your skin, hair and nails. And, of course, you'll shed a few pounds.

12. Giselle Escaño, specialist in aesthetic medicine-clinical nutrition

Most people always look for ways to lose weight, but very few find out how to maintain it long term.

The goal is for you to learn to eat healthy in all the environments that arise: going on a trip, a party or a meeting with friends. Whatever the situation, you will have to learn to defend yourself and enjoy the moment without regrets.

To achieve this, follow these tips:

  • Eliminate processed foods.
  • Don't skip breakfast, remember that it is the most important meal of the day.
  • Drink plenty of water, it is essential for you to eliminate toxins from your body.
  • Exercise. There are many ways to activate the body and anywhere. Choose the one you like the most.

You now have an incredible guide to losing weight. Following the advice of nutritionists, whether those we present here or someone else, is the best thing you can do to achieve your goal.

If you do it for your health, your body will reward you. Each change is a step you take, remember that everything is a process.

You already know that losing weight in a healthy way is possible, it only depends on you, your desire and your determination.

Get motivated and maintain it for the rest of your life.

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