What is Konjac Glucomannan and how does it benefit weight loss?

Qué es el Glucomanano de Konjac y cómo beneficia en la pérdida de peso

Today, konjac glucomannan has seen the emergence as a food additive and also in weight loss capsules in the United States and Europe.

This plant may have a number of proven positive effects, but it remains to be seen how it aids in weight loss.

Fit & Slim protein contains this dietary fiber and we want to explain the potential health benefits of glucomannan and the scientific evidence that confirms it. Also how to consume it and if there are any risks to consider before taking it.

What is konjac glucomannan

It is a soluble dietary fiber found in Konjac, a plant that grows in the warm subtropics of East Asia. It is also found under the names konnyaku, elephant yam, devil's tongue, snake palm, and voodoo lily. It is a plant low in calories but high in fiber.

Glucomannan accounts for 40% of the plant's dry weight and is used as an additive in Asian cooking for its thickening properties .

In Asia, konjac is not something new. For a long time it has been used as a natural remedy and as food in times of war , precisely because of its satiety effect when famine was harboring the Asian peoples.

On average, a 2.5 g serving of fiber from glucomannan contains 5 calories. This represents 10% of the daily fiber requirement.

Can Glucomannan support weight loss?

This is possibly the question that worries many people. Examining the results of animal studies may be interesting, but what is important is whether taking this supplement leads to significant weight loss in humans .

Fortunately, several randomized controlled trials of the effects of konjac have been conducted. Scientific experiments conducted on humans are considered the best research method.

A 2005 study found that supplementing soluble dietary fiber helped overweight people lose weight. People took this supplement as part of a balanced, calorie-controlled diet.

This type of fiber helps a person feel fuller for longer by slowing down gastric emptying.

It helps in weight loss in several ways:

Can Glucomannan support weight loss?

This means that it supports weight loss, but not as a fat burner . Instead, it prevents weight gain by limiting calorie intake, either by using it as a replacement for other foods, or by decreasing food intake by acting as an appetite suppressant.

This hunger-suppressing virtue is very important in a diet to lose weight because it especially helps with cravings.

In addition, Glucomannan has an excellent intestinal cleansing effect, which has earned it the nickname "intestinal broom".

Use of konjac glucomannan in cooking

In Asia, konjac is commonly used in cooking . Its underground parts can be eaten as a vegetable, but can also be used in the production of konjac flour.

What are the konjac-based preparations?

There are food supplements to which the properties of Konjac fiber are integrated, such as ourFit Slim protein. However, it is also available for sale in many forms, such as:

Use of konjac glucomannan in cooking

How to use konjac in the kitchen?

In Asian community markets, we mainly find konjac in the form of noodles, noodles or rice. These products can be used in the same way as pasta made from wheat.

Konjac noodles can, for example, be incorporated into a vegetable wok , served as an accompaniment to meat or fish , or even be the base of a salad.

Noodles, noodles, and konjac rice are usually packed with a preservative liquid. That is why they must be rinsed in cold water before cooking in a large volume of boiling water. Its cooking is similar to that of wheat-based pasta , but only requires 3 to 4 minutes.

Therefore, unlike common consumer products such as wheat-based pasta and rice, konjac, thanks to its high glucomannan content, is not fattening and limits weight gain .

Why prefer konjac to pasta and rice during a diet?

Why prefer konjac to pasta and rice during a diet?

Konjac is a natural product whose nutritional properties are intended to contribute to weight loss, as long as it is included as part of a healthy diet.

Limits the absorption of fats: due to its gelatinous consistency, once in the stomach, konjac will take the form of a gel that will limit the absorption of fats contained in the rest of your food.

This will force the body to draw on reserves much faster to provide the energy it needs, day after day.

Contributes to the feeling of satiety: in a diet designed to lose weight, that feeling that removes hunger and sends information to your brain that you have eaten what you need is important.

Other properties and health benefits of glucomannan

detoxifying action

By helping to improve intestinal transit , konjac fibers also promote the elimination of waste and toxins present in the body. Detoxing is very important when starting a weight loss plan, in this article we explain it to you.

Help in diabetes treatment

Research has shown that consuming a mixture of glucomannan and American ginseng indicates a moderate improvement in the treatment of type 2 diabetes.

A 2015 study also noted that glucomannan made people with diabetes less likely to eat foods that could raise their blood sugar. That's because it made them feel fuller for longer.

Effective against cholesterol in a diet

According to some studies, konjac also exhibited cholesterol-lowering action . Researchers have shown that konjac supplements can help lower total and LDL cholesterol levels in the body.

Konjac glucomannan supplements can help people control their cholesterol levels. A 2008 study found that glucomannan had a beneficial effect on overall cholesterol levels.

Thanks to its cholesterol-lowering effect, konjac helps prevent certain cardiovascular disorders.

hypoglycemic effect

The fibers present in konjac (glucomannan) slow down the release of glucose . This action helps to lower blood sugar, the level of glucose in the blood.

What are the precautions for the use of Konjac Glucomannan

What are the precautions for the use of Konjac Glucomannan

Too much konjac can be responsible for side effects such as nausea, gas, loose stools, and a feeling of being overly full. For these cases, it is better to consult a doctor.

When taking konjac Glucomannan supplements, you should:

  • Follow the recommended dosage.
  • Drink a lot of water.

Konjac is not dangerous to health, except for people with mineral deficiency or suffering from intestinal obstruction.

On the other hand, it is dangerous to rely too much on it as part of a weight loss diet.

First, because it does not provide calories and, therefore, nutrients. A balanced diet is necessary so as not to miss anything. In other words, consuming only this tuber would be tantamount to starving!

Second, because its appetite-suppressing effect can be treacherous if you use it only as part of a temporary weight-loss diet. When you stop consuming it, you will recover these sensations and you will risk even more the "rebound" effect that is not good for your figure or your health.

So always make sure to associate konjac glucomannan with a healthy lifestyle , which includes a varied diet and moderate sports activity.

Patients undergoing medical treatment are also advised to take glucomannan supplements and medications at least 3 hours apart. The action of konjac in the body can alter the bioavailability of the active substances of the medicine.

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