Why men burn fat and lose weight easier than women

Por qué los hombres queman grasa y bajan de peso más fácil que las mujeres

Have you noticed those couples who eat exactly the same thing, but he stays in shape and she always looks plump?

Or maybe you've been in the gym for months, working your ass off to lose a few pounds, but a guy signed up a few weeks ago and he's already cracking.

Nothing is a casuality. It is that men have certain hormonal, metabolic and emotional advantages for which they burn fat and lose weight more easily than women. 

But don't see it as a war of the sexes. Better find out where this difference lies and take advantage of it .

Muscle mass and metabolism

It's frustrating to see how they eat tremendous steak with potatoes, while they only ask for salad, but they are the ones who cut down. The causes are varied:

  • Men have more lean muscle tissue (without fat). And the more muscle mass they have, the more their metabolism fires up and they burn body fat at a faster rate, even while resting.

  • They have more strength to train. Thanks to the hormone testosterone, it is easy for them to increase the load, week by week, to become more muscular.

  • Many women prefer to do cardio instead of weight training with the excuses " it's hard for me " or " I'll look like a man ", which reduces their chances of gaining the muscles that would help them lose weight with less effort.

Solution for them? Include strength training in the daily routine. Contrary to what you think, you will have a faster metabolism, a slimmer body and sexy curves.

The hormones with which they burn fat and lose weight 

The blessed hormones also make the game uneven. Yes, the hormonal system determines why they burn fat and lose weight easier than they do.

  • A study published in the medical journal, BMC Medicine , suggests that women have between 6 and 11% more fat than men, in part because the presence of estrogen reduces their ability to burn calories after eating.

  • Additionally, when estrogen drops due to menopause, they gain weight more easily, especially in the abdomen.

The men? Well, they were blessed with 10 times more testosterone than females.

And it turns out that testosterone, in addition to being key to gaining muscle and burning more fat, regulates insulin in the body. That insulin that when altered causes the desire to eat, especially sweet desserts.

The emotions

All mortals succumb to emotions, but they give them more free rein.

They talk about it with their friends, watch spiteful movies, stress over the children and end up obsessing over a rich creamy chocolate cake to soothe their sorrows.

Men don't turn things around that much, but not because they are insensitive, it's their brain!

  • A study from the Brookhaven National Laboratory studied the brain activity of both sexes while fasting, while they were exposed to seeing, smelling , and tasting their favorite food. Both genders were asked to ignore their desire for that food.

Guess? In them, the brain activity of the hungry regions was reduced, so they suppressed their cravings without much problem. While the girls gave in to the urge to eat their favorite cravings.

They also have a harder time managing stress, which generates the hormone cortisol, which causes that urge to go to the store in the middle of the afternoon for a donut or a custard tart.

Tips :

  1. Avoid giving in to temptation all the time and losing your efforts to burn fat and lose weight, with natural alternatives to keep your emotions in balance.
  2. Prepare desserts with healthy ingredients that fill you up and calm the anxiety of eating all day. A good idea is to take advantage of the benefits of protein powder in your healthy recipes.

Fat accumulates in different places

Biology wanted it that way, men and women accumulate fat in different places.

The sex hormones, androgens and estrogens, are responsible for that difference.

  • Women tend to locate fat around their hips, thighs, and buttocks, due to estrogen and other female hormones, as this is where fat was stored as a fuel reserve for breastfeeding.

  • Due to male hormones, men are afraid of the "beer belly", which is not always due to visceral fat, but can be accumulated fat.

The fact is that it is easier to lose body fat in the middle area with a good diet and exercise.

While the fat in the lower part, more common in women, is more rebellious and costs more time and effort to destroy it.

Being in shape should not be a competition, much less between them and them. Focus on achieving the body you want, at your own pace and enjoying the process.

And if you want additional help to make your way faster, we invite you to discover the Accelerated Fat Loss Combo . You will love how quickly it takes effect.


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