Cheat meal: how to do it correctly

Cheat meal: cómo hacerlo de forma correcta

Social networks have turned cheat meals or cheat days into a boom. Many "fitness" accounts post images of high-calorie or unhealthy foods, and people wonder why.

This cheat meal is becoming a feature of the world of goal eating, among people who train daily and give themselves this permission in their diets.

But keep in mind that these foods don't always have to be unhealthy. There are many who treat themselves healthily because they learned to prepare desserts, pizzas and other delicacies.

Would you like to start applying it in the correct and healthy way? Keep reading and find out.

What is cheat meal?

Also known as cheat day or cheat food, it consists of skipping the diet one day of the week to eat what you want, as long as it is in one meal. In this way, you will be able to carry out your diet much better.

This method is nothing new, but it is a rather controversial topic.

Some studies have reflected its potential to help people who want to lose weight.
For example, in 2018 the International Journal Of Obesity investigated two groups of obese men. The former followed a strict diet, while the latter intermittently broke their diet.

After four months, people who had their "cheat meal" lost more weight than those who followed a rigorous diet.

It is important to keep in mind that a cheat day does NOT mean that you can eat until you can't take it anymore or consume an excess of unhealthy foods that leave you ecstatic.

Benefits of cheat meals

Most of the people who follow this method are those who undergo very strong eating plans and exercises. Next, I will explain in detail the pros of making this cheat meal.


It helps you reduce the anxiety that the daily diet produces. In addition, by giving yourself a small feast, you will feel more pleasure and happiness.


When your body is so accustomed to a strict diet and you give way to some extra calories with the cheat meal, you will make it easier for your body to collect nutrients, thus promoting thermogenesis , which is essential if you want to burn fat.

Although it is still important to note that there are few studies that prove that cheat meals can help you lose a few extra pounds.

In what context should you make a cheat meal?

In what context should you make a cheat meal?

Normally, people tend to scarely raise their weight loss phases. And the reality is that quick results without effort do not exist.

The first thing you have to understand is that if you have had a bad lifestyle for years, do not expect to solve it in two or three months, even if you completely change your diet and start a new exercise routine.

When it comes to justifying a cheat meal, it is essential that you follow a healthy eating plan and that you exercise frequently, in this way, by giving yourself this permission, you can take control and not get carried away by bad habits.

If you make a cheat meal because you have a social event that you cannot avoid, skipping the diet is not a problem because you are in control. You will only eat something different and maintain some moderation.

The next day, maybe you will weigh a little more or maybe you have fluid retention, but you will feel guiltless because you have simply taken a break, which from time to time is not bad.

If you just started your new healthy lifestyle, it is recommended that you have your cheat meal, once a month, as long as it is one meal, not one day.

Tips to make a cheat meal correctly and healthy

do it once a week

It is not about eating everything that comes your way, but about eating something that you want, until you are satisfied. Always keep in mind that it is a meal, not a whole day. With this, you will be able to calm your anxiety about those caloric foods and you will not break the balanced and healthy eating regimen that you have had for days.

plan it out

Think about what the day will be and when it is best to do it. For example, if you have a special dinner, a meal with your family or friends, that will be the indicated time.

don't drink alcohol

Sometimes the debate is not between pizza or hamburger, but between food and alcohol. It is important that you know that the body does not metabolize alcohol and fat at the same time. It is recommended that you choose only one thing.

Try to eat fresh and unprocessed foods

Since you probably go too far with the calories, try at least that they are of quality and not from highly processed foods.

Enjoy your favorite food

Choose well that food that you want so much for two reasons. One, because you will feel more satisfied, and two, because it is what you really crave. This will motivate you to continue with your nutritional plan in the coming week.

Tips for your cheat meal

If you are going to start with this new method in your weekly diet, I recommend you take a look at these recommendations.

  • Don't cheat day, have a meal.
  • Drink 1-2 glasses of water before eating, it can help reduce hunger.
  • Do not consume sodas or sugary drinks. They provide many calories and satiate very little.
  • Start your cheat meal with a salad. In this way you will start the evening with a satisfying entry, quite healthy and low in calories as far as possible.
  • Do not eliminate carbohydrates, if you consume the good ones much better.
  • Eat until you are full.
  • Avoid weighing yourself the next day.

Now you know how to make a cheat meal in the healthiest and most correct way that exists. Remember that the importance of the cheat meal is in the context in which you do it.

But, the main thing is to lead a healthy lifestyle, with which you feel happy, that you enjoy it and with which you do not go hungry.

Eating healthy doesn't have to be boring or tasteless. You just have to organize yourself well and develop your creativity.

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