How to take protein to lose weight?

¿Cómo tomar proteína para bajar de peso?

Protein supplements have become almost a fad among people who want to lose a few pounds and get rid of fat. But today, the average consumer does not know exactly how to take protein to lose weight.

If you're wondering, what can I take to lose weight? By just taking proteins will I have the body I want? Will it serve to replace one or several meals?

If you read until the end, you will find the answers, you will know how to take advantage of protein powder to lose weight to the maximum of its benefits and you will avoid the negative effects that its incorrect use can cause.

Why drink protein shakes to lose weight?

In order for you to understand why protein powder for weight loss can be your ally, you must know how your energy balance mechanism works:

  • A certain amount of calories is required that your body burns to create the energy you need for your daily functions. You get calories through your diet.
  • If you eat more than you need, you will have a caloric surplus that will cause weight gain.
  • If you eat less, you will have a calorie deficit and your body will use the accumulated fat to convert it into energy, making it easier for you to lose weight. But unless you follow proper eating patterns, you can feel hungry and anxious.

This is where we get the greatest value from food supplements, since they are an easy and convenient contribution of this macronutrient, capable of satisfying appetite for a long period of time.

In addition, it can translate into an acceleration of metabolism, maximizing fat burning and maintaining your muscle mass at the same time.

What proteins exist in supplement form?

To the question of what I can take to lose weight , in the case of proteins there is a wide variety of powder supplements, but among the most used are:

What proteins exist in supplement form?

How to take protein to lose weight?

Although a balanced, balanced and healthy diet can help you reach your goal of losing weight and consume the necessary proteins for the day, protein shakes are a practical and easy option to prepare.

You just need to mix it with water, skim milk or your favorite drink for its benefits to unfold , such as helping you prevent cravings for processed carbohydrates that are the nightmare of those who are on a weight loss regimen.

To lose weight, the best way to drink a protein shake is between meals and when you feel anxious about eating, because you will eat less food during meals.

Of course, remember to check the nutritional label and verify the calories in the shake to take them into account in your daily consumption.

And if you want to go further, you can also use them to enrich your healthy dishes and snacks.

How much protein to take?

The Food and Nutrition Board of the U.S. National Research Council notes that the average woman's protein needs are about 46 grams a day, and men need about 56 grams.

However, it depends on many factors, such as weight, muscle mass, and level of physical activity performed.

In the following image you can see how much protein you should eat each day and how to calculate it.

If it is impossible for you to reach the recommended daily amount through your diet, a protein shake is ideal to achieve your goal.

The wrong way to take a protein supplement

Do not pass!

If you consume more protein powder than your body needs, this can happen:

The wrong way to take a protein supplement

Avoid it by following the recommendations for use on the label. Just because you take double or triple the indicated scoops does not mean you will lose weight faster.

Keep in mind that to lose weight you must be very disciplined and patient. Going down little by little will take care of the rebound effect.

Also remember to make your diet plan with professional advice and medical control.

Don't replace your meals with protein powders

Replacing your meals with protein shakes could help reduce your daily calorie intake and help you lose weight.

But over time, you will need to eat solid foods again, which can cause the much-feared rebound effect in which the excess weight lost will return.

Also, you cannot reduce your meals to shakes, since you need to chew your healthy foods (such as proteins), not only because it is essential for lighter digestion, it also improves the absorption of nutrients and helps you lose weight.

Fit & Slim by Evolution Advance

Evolution Advance designed an exclusive protein for weight loss that provides only 100 calories and combines the benefits of whey protein with those of the dietary fiber glucomannan and inulin.

All of these ingredients act in synergy to help keep you satiated and hunger-free for more than three hours.

In addition, it contains digestive enzymes that prevent stomach heaviness and make it better absorbed. As if that were not enough, Fit & Slim provides nutrients that strengthen the immune system and take care of muscle mass.

Remember that to lose weight it is necessary to eat a healthy, balanced and controlled diet, as well as practice regular physical exercise, sleep deeply and try not to stress yourself out excessively.

Miracle products do not exist. If you don't watch your habits, nothing you eat or drink will make you lose weight in the long term.

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