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7 truths about losing body fat

7 verdades sobre la pérdida de grasa corporal

Losing body fat is a very common dream. And of course it can be done.

But there are those who believe the lies that are published on the internet or follow the recommendations of friends that do not give them results, making them waste time and motivation.

Therefore, here we will tell you 7 truths proven by science about fat loss that you must remember to achieve your goal.

Truth 1: Wanting to lose ALL body fat is a mistake

Accumulating excess body fat is dangerous and ruins your appearance, but your body needs a certain amount of it to function well.

Just look at some of its important features:

Truth 1: Wanting to lose ALL body fat is a mistake

The healthy percentage of fat is between 14 and 17% for men and 21 and 24% for women. Having less or more not only affects the figure, but can threaten health.

If you want to know what yours is, here you will know how to measure your body fat percentage.

Truth 2: You cannot lose localized body fat

Truth 2: You cannot lose localized body fat

We all want to eliminate fat in specific areas of the body , but NOT if someone tells you how to lose body fat only in the abdomen, legs or hips, they are lying to you.

In fact, doing dozens of crunches a day to show off a six pack or squats without stopping to eliminate fat from the legs, it might not be a solution… Why? :

In short, the activity of a specific muscle does not necessarily cause the loss of fat from that area.

And it is that when we exercise, a process begins in which a series of hormones pass through the blood, causing the body to use fat as an energy source. But not in a specific area, but in its entirety.

The same goes for food. There are no magic foods or drinks to lose fat in specific points of the body.

What does work is having a caloric deficit with nutritious and healthy foods so that body fat disappears, even that which accumulates in problem areas.

Truth 3: Exercising and eating less is not everything

Practicing these two habits, without obsessing, will be the best way to lose body fat . But they are not the only ones you should implement.

Or didn't you know that stress, anxiety, toxins and sleeping less than 7 hours a night can be a stumbling block to losing fat?

Well, it is like that and it is due to the chaos that is generated in your hormones when you suffer from insomnia or get overstressed:

  1. Ghrelin (hunger hormone) is triggered, causing you to have a voracious appetite. Especially fried foods, processed carbohydrates and sugar.
  2. It decreases leptin (satiety hormone) , so it will not be easy for you to know when you are full and you could eat without stopping.
  3. Insulin (the hormone of cravings) goes out of control, making you want to eat desserts and snacks between meals. The worst thing is that insulin not only stimulates the creation of more fat; it also prevents you from rusting it.
  4. It increases cortisol (the stress hormone) , which makes you seek emotional refuge in junk food and accumulate fat, especially in the middle area of ‚Äč‚Äčthe body.

The toxins that attack us from all sides and lodge in the body also cause overweight and obesity. That, in addition to illnesses, hormonal and stomach problems, fatigue, stress and inflammation.

Therefore, you should avoid them and take care of your liver with healthy strategies that promote detoxification.

Truth 4: You have to eat fat to decrease body fat

Truth 4: You have to eat fat to decrease body fat

Many think that more fat, more calories. But the truth is, not all fats make you fat or affect your health.

Foods such as nuts , seeds, avocado, olive oil and oily fish contain good fats that not only help increase energy, prevent cardiovascular disease and level cholesterol.

They also promote weight loss and care for muscle mass.

This was determined by the Annals of Internal Medicine :

  • In one study, 150 people were assigned a diet with the same total calorie content. But half of the subjects cut back on carbs; the rest, regulated the amount of fats.

And while people who restricted carbs lost an average of 8 pounds more than those who went fat, it highlighted an interesting fact: Those who went fat lost weight at the cost of further loss of muscle mass, not loss of fat. adipose tissue.

For decades, fat of animal origin has also been in the dock for "attacking weight and health." And although many still believe it, it has been shown that its moderate intake could generate a better blood lipid profile and other benefits, such as mobilizing fat and facilitating weight loss.

Of course, knowing the provenance of the cattle is essential, since the fatty acid patterns and nutritional profile of healthy cattle that eat grass are very different from those that are fed corn and injected with hormones.

Truth 5: Body fat does not turn into muscle

Truth 5: Body fat does not turn into muscle

Converting fat to muscle is physiologically impossible ; each of them is different and has its own functions.

What you can do is build muscle to lose body fat.

How does this happen? It turns out that muscle is a metabolically active organ that burns calories, even when you sleep. This allows you to lose weight, while you tone up.

Therefore, with a nutritious and balanced diet, planned strength training, lowering stress and sleeping soundly, you can lose fat and look better.

Truth 6: Sweating won't make you burn fat

Truth 6: Sweating won't make you burn fat

Many people believe that sweating loses weight. But, the truth, sweating does not contain fat nor is it a process that spends enough energy to make you lose a few inches.

If you notice that you lose a little weight after sweating profusely, it will be because you lost fluid that you will replace by hydrating.

How sweat can help you in your goal? Being a channel to eliminate toxins; among them, those that prevent losing weight.

Truth 7: Food supplements alone do not eliminate fat

Many brands offer supplements to lose fat in a few days, but they are all useless if you don't exercise, eat healthy, live under stress, or sleep poorly.

Also, no one can guarantee how long it will take to lose fat. Each body is different and has its way of responding.

What is certain is that adding natural supplements to your good habits can take you faster to your goal.

Our recommendation? Use natural, effective and safe food supplements that help you:

Truth 7: Food supplements alone do not eliminate fat

If you want the complete solution, click here below...

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