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Benefits of apple cider vinegar to eliminate fat and lose weight

Beneficios del vinagre de manzana para eliminar grasa y perder peso

Could an ingredient as common as apple cider vinegar help you lose weight?

If you came here to see if you can eliminate fat by taking this liquid that is widely used as a home remedy, we are going to tell you about its benefits and how it can help you in your goal of having a body that everyone admires.

Where does apple cider vinegar come from?

Apple cider vinegar is not a recent invention. In fact, it is traditionally used in many kitchens around the world to accompany some recipes or as a home remedy.

It has a somewhat strong smell and taste because it is born from the fermentation of apple sugars, which generates a component called acetic acid.

How does it help to eliminate fat and lose weight?

If you are one of those who used apple cider vinegar just to clean the lettuce for lunch, here are some benefits to lose weight that you probably did not know about this fermented product:

makes you feel fuller

According to a study carried out in the BMC Gastroenterology portal, taking apple cider vinegar diluted in water before meals can have a satiating effect, which would make you fill up faster, your stomach take longer to empty and you feel less desire to eat.

And if you eat less, you gain less weight.

Corrects stomach acidity and improves digestion

Thanks to acetic acid, one of its main components, apple cider vinegar improves acidity conditions in the stomach (which are often altered by bad eating habits) and favors the digestion of what you eat.

If you have a good digestion, you will not gain as much weight.

prevents constipation

What is the best way to remove what you don't need? Well, expelling them naturally.

Apple cider vinegar has a cleansing effect on your digestive system, preventing bacteria from accumulating and eliminating them through your feces.

So thanks to its benefits you will not continue carrying that poop that makes you heavier.

Lowers blood sugar levels

Another study by the National Library of Medicine on the positive effects of this acid in the body, evaluated its incidence in lowering glucose and insulin levels in the blood after consuming some foods.

This makes you burn more fat and you don't have so many cravings in the afternoon.

It may interest you: Do you want to know how fat is eliminated from the body? We tell you.

is diuretic

Thanks to the potassium it contains, it helps eliminate toxins through urine, reducing fluid retention.

If you want to stop feeling bloated all the time, we recommend you try Water Less , a solution that we specially designed at Evolution Advance with apple cider vinegar, which will help you relieve bloating and eliminate toxins.

How to take apple cider vinegar?

You must be wondering how you can incorporate it into your day to day. We give you some important recommendations that you should keep in mind to see its true effects:

  • It is not magic: for you to see results, you must accompany it with a balanced diet, eliminate saturated fats from your diet, reduce sugar, exercise several times a week and sleep well. Remember, good results are the sum of several sustained actions over time.

  • Dilute it in water: as you already know, this fermented has a large acid component. Therefore, you should never take it alone because it can have adverse effects. Dilute a tablespoon in a glass of water.

  • Take it before meals: In order to have the satiating effect that we talked about before, it is suggested to take it before meals so that you can feel full faster.

  • Use a cigarette: if you do not want the enamel of your teeth to be damaged, always take it with a cigarette.

  • Do not overdo it: you already know that it is not a magic ingredient, so do not go like crazy to buy 5 jars of apple cider vinegar in the supermarket. Limit consumption to one or two tablespoons (15 ml to 30 ml) per day dissolved in water.

  • Use it in your preparations: apple cider vinegar can be an excellent companion for salads, so you can use it in vinaigrettes that will give vegetables a lot of flavor. If you need inspiration to eat, we leave you these healthy lunch ideas .

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