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What do your eating habits say about your personality?

¿Qué dicen tus hábitos alimenticios sobre tu personalidad?

Did you know that there is a direct relationship between our eating habits and our way of acting?

Food for some is pleasure, for others it is calm, and it could also be classified as an obsession in certain cases. Experts have been studying these behaviors very closely, do you want to know them in depth? This way you will have a better idea about your personality and your diet. Let's go there!

The specific study was conducted by Food-ology, led by behavioral eating expert Juliet A. Boghossian. In this, it was possible to classify the type of personality of the people according to their way of eating, or the way in which they ordered their menu. How about?

Eating in a hurry is synonymous with a punctual person

Eating in a hurry is synonymous with a punctual person

First of all, there are several factors to determine the type of personality according to how your eating habits are. One of them is the speed at which the person eats their food. Do you like to eat fast? So you are a dedicated person, who may perform well at work. He likes everything on time.

However, eating fast can result in overweight problems. The main reason for this is that the communication between the stomach and the brain is usually somewhat late. It will take 20 minutes from when you eat, until your brain is notified by the stomach. At that moment, you will begin to feel satisfied.

On the other hand, if you eat slowly you are centered living in the present

On the other hand, if you eat slowly you are centered living in the present

In contrast, people who eat slowly, slowly are those who have a personality, who are focused. They live in the present, with their feet on the ground! They outline their short-term goals. In addition, at the digestive level it is much more beneficial, the stomach will feel full and thus you avoid snacks or extra meals.

Before proceeding, we want to invite you to learn a little more about your personality, self-knowledge! And all online through My Personality Test . It is a website that offers personality tests with unequivocal results, based on the precise analysis of your answers by experts. What do you think if you give him the opportunity? It's worth it.

Demanding on the menu: those most used to comfort zones

Demanding on the menu: those most used to comfort zones

You may be wondering what to eat according to your personality.

The way in which a person dictates their diet or the menu during mealtime is important. People who usually ask for a very specific menu (portion, type of cooking, what the dish will contain, etc.), are the ones who tend to be comfortable and successful in their comfort zone.

These people will ask a lot of questions about what they are having for dinner, it is that they like to have control of the situation! And that is reflected in his field of work, and other aspects of his daily life.

On the other hand, if the person after eating tries to control their weight by vomiting, it may mean that they are really trying to control other aspects of their life. It is called bulimia, and it is a disorder that affects many young people. Do you know someone who suffers from it? If so, it is best to try to provide professional help.

Now, finally, we want to ask you: Within which classification do you think you are? Do you know what to eat according to your personality? Are you focused? Do you tend to function more in your comfort zone? Analyze your eating habits, this is what you eat and what you demand in order to have a better idea about yourself.

And remember that your body is a temple, and what you consume is directly linked to your health.

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