Why the pursuit of perfection is an enemy of your progress

Por qué la búsqueda de la perfección es un enemigo de tus avances

“If you seek perfection, you will never be happy.” – Leo Tolstoy.

Does it often happen to you that the need for everything to be “perfect” causes you such a level of stress that it prevents you from moving forward in your life and your goals? If you feel very overwhelmed because everything is “perfect” and that causes you stress, preventing you from moving forward and achieving your goals, there is definitely a problem here.

Today I want to talk to you about why the search for perfection can be the enemy of your progress. The search for perfection, far from stimulating us to achieve our goals, limits us with its inflexibility and can frustrate the path to success.

The pursuit of perfection can be your worst enemy

And the search for an otherwise unreal perfection can lead to great anguish , inappropriate decision-making and emotional depression, with the consequent excessive secretion of cortisol, a hormone that can cause, among other things, increased fat. abdominal pain, depression of the immune system and greater tendency to get sick. "be careful with this"

What feeling is hidden behind the search for perfection?

Many times behind perfectionism is an uncontrollable fear of making mistakes and being criticized. And it becomes exhausting when we try to convince ourselves that what we did is not worth it because it is not perfect or “not complete.”

The pursuit of perfection can be “Kryptonite” for your progress

Definitely perfect does not exist , it is the trap of “let's not do anything until we do everything”. This “all or nothing” mentality can become “kryptonite” for your progress. And waiting for everything to be "absolutely perfect" is the most effective way of doing nothing, because anxiety paralyzes us and nullifies any possibility of taking the first step.

Perfection does not exist

It is not healthy to spend your life chasing an unrealistic goal that is almost impossible to achieve and keep yourself in the vicious cycle of anxiety, frustration and depression. Instead, focus on making a little more progress day by day and becoming the best version of yourself.


You need to focus your mind, your body and your heart on your goals, think about where you want to go, think about the steps you will need to take to achieve them and then go after them with a clear action plan. A specialized advisor or coach can help you get out of the vicious circle of perfection and let you flow focused towards your goal.

Allow yourself to fail

The key is to free yourself from consequences so that actions are carried out with full commitment. If you fail, you can always try again. So concentrate on what you are doing and take care to do it well , because if you do it well, the result will take care of itself and the progress will appear naturally before your eyes.

Learn to enjoy the process

Perfectionism can be an obstacle when setting goals, since it implies an over-demand that prevents you from enjoying the process, or even, due to the fear of making mistakes, it can prevent you from moving forward. The efforts and changes that help achieve daily purposes must be recognized and celebrated, regardless of whether they are perfect or not; The important thing is that you continue doing them, and above all learning from them.

Don't look for perfection

There is a saying that goes: “The perfect is the enemy of the good.” Make an effort, yes! to achieve good results, without obsessing about achieving perfection. If you still can't have the famous "chocolate" or the "Six pack" in your abdomen, remember that good results require effort, perseverance and time. Don't be afraid of criticism and learn to experience it as an opportunity to improve.

Focus on your progress and celebrate it

Progress is real, measurable and verifiable. Observing yourself and realizing your progress is the best way to motivate yourself and continue generating changes. Have you started doing sit-ups? Celebrate it! Did you manage to follow your nutritional plan today? Celebrate it! Did you lose 100 grams of weight? Celebrate it! Were you able to do that exercise that cost you so much? Bravooo! Count each of your achievements and celebrate them.

Proposing small daily challenges , getting out of your comfort zone and celebrating your progress is the only way to continue moving steadily towards your goal.

Now I want you to tell me what step are you willing to take today to start moving forward?

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