How to stop procrastinating and start a healthy lifestyle once and for all?

¿Cómo dejar de procrastinar y comenzar un estilo de vida saludable de una vez por todas?

How many times have you said "on Monday I start the diet" or have you found yourself thinking that you don't have the right clothes or enough financial resources to go to the gym so you better start exercising later, or that you better wait to get those pills? supposedly super powerful Chinese to lose weight that your neighbor recommended to you without which it would be impossible to start.

Lisie's story

Lisie came to my office one day desperate because she couldn't lose weight and couldn't find where to start. She was always waiting for Monday to arrive or for a friend to deign to accompany her to the gym so she wouldn't feel alone. Every day I would set the alarm to wake up early and go to the gym, hit “snooze” on the screen and continue sleeping. The result? The terrible consequences of the famous "I start on Monday" Lisie began to feel more and more frustrated and guilty, not only because she never managed to reach her goal, but because she was gaining more and more kilos, feeling heavy, depressed and with pain in her the whole body, which became a big vicious circle that made her feel a lot of stress and great anxiety, until she finally decided to ask for help.

But what does it mean to procrastinate?

Procrastination meaning: according to the RAE (Royal Spanish Academy) it is the act of deferring, postponing or postponing something.

And when procrastinating becomes a habit and very often we defer our obligations, needs or actions for other irrelevant or more pleasurable activities, this bad habit can become a problem or can even become a behavioral disorder that prevents us from reaching our goals. goals requiring in some cases - like Lisie's - the help of a specialist.

Until when that: "We better leave it for later"?

The saying goes “Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today”. The best time to start is now! And the first step to start the path of a healthy life is to realize and become aware that you are procrastinating and you need to take action on the matter.

So here I am going to leave you with the 3 key actions that helped Lisie to start leading a healthy lifestyle once and for all and that I am sure will help you too to end this "great saboteur":

1. Get into action now: without thinking about it, get up and walk. Start by exercising 30 minutes 3 times a week. That? What don't you have time? 10 minutes sure you can get to move. And if you do not have the financial resources to sign up for the gym, there is no excuse! On YouTube there are hundreds of routines that you can follow, start now!

Every movement counts and if you accompany it with a healthier nutrition without fried foods, industrial sweets, or refined sugar, eating more vegetables and fruits, I assure you that you will soon be able to lead a healthy lifestyle without effort.

2. Focus, set your sights on the goal! Define your goal as specifically as possible. Ask yourself what do you want to achieve? For example: lose those 6 extra kilos in 6 weeks and reach your healthy weight, increase your level of physical activity, exercise 3 times a week, achieve the body you've always dreamed of, improve your health and quality of life. Set realistic goals, set a reasonable time, determine the actions to be taken to achieve them, and go after them.

3. Celebrate each achievement and why not? Reward yourself! Like children, we too need self-praise and positive reinforcement. So from now on celebrate every little achievement you achieve, give yourself a "smiley face" and a little treat after managing to eat healthy for a whole week or treat yourself to that dress or pants that you would like to have when you manage to exercise 3 times per week for a month.

Today you learned procrastinate meaning and how to avoid it. Do you dare to follow these 3 key steps to end the postponement of your goals? I'm sure you can stop procrastinating too, just like Lisie did.

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