Why do I have slow digestion and how to avoid it

Por qué tengo la digestión lenta y cómo evitarlo

Perhaps it has happened to you: you are enjoying a delicious lunch with friends, but the pleasure does not last long because you begin to feel stomach pain, inflammation, gas and a lethargy that causes you to give up in bed.

If so, you too have fallen prey to slow digestion.

Here we will show you its causes, types, recommendations to eat with pleasure and without consequences.

We will not recommend shakes or juices for slow digestion that are not effective. If not, a probiotic supplement may be the solution so that your digestion is not a problem.

What Causes Slow Digestion?

Slow digestion arises as a biological disturbance in the digestive system.

It is so common that more than 50% of people experience stomach aches, reflux, nausea, bloating, gas, heartburn, constipation, diarrhea, or low energy from it.

Slow digestion can appear for different reasons.

  • The usual suspects are bad eating habits.
  • Eating too much food in a short time.
  • Not processing food correctly.
  • A diet poor in macros and micronutrients.
  • The intake of some medications (check with your doctor if it happens to you).

What you eat influences slow digestion

There are 2 types of slow digestion: unhealthy slow digestion and healthy slow digestion.

unhealthy slow digestion

It is produced by eating foods low in nutritional quality, without chewing them well and overeating. This kind of slow digestion causes damage to the stomach, general fatigue in the body and, in the long run, leads to illness.

healthy slow digestion

It occurs when you eat a healthy diet by balancing foods well. And these foods take time to digest because of their high concentration of fiber that helps keep you full for longer.

It is healthy because the satiety produced by some foods helps you consume fewer calories , especially if you are on a diet plan to lose weight.

Here variables such as the characteristics of the food come into play . And it is that while some take hours to digest, others pass in the blink of an eye.

For this reason, you need to find a good balance between these two types of food.

Chewing, the key to avoid slow digestion

Properly chewing food helps break down food molecules into a size that the body can absorb.

What happens if I don't chew well and swallow food quickly?

You cause an increase in insulin secretion that creates a feeling of sleepiness. This means that physical and mental performance will be affected in the hours after eating.

Why is this happening? Because the human organism is so perfect that it knows how to efficiently distribute energy so that all the functions of the body are carried out.

And when you swallow the food almost whole, you are giving your stomach more work. The body says: "I need to survive" and begins to secrete more gastric juices than it should to help you digest.

Thus, the body finds it difficult to concentrate , you feel sleepy and, in more extreme cases, you have abdominal pain and heartburn.

Therefore, nutritionists recommend chewing food at least 20 times per bite.

What to do to avoid unhealthy slow digestion?

For a healthy digestion that does not cause you discomfort, follow these tips:

  • Eat natural foods instead of processed foods.
  • Chew well, remember that digestion begins first in the mouth.
  • Eat raw foods regularly.
  • Have a balance of different types of food.
  • Avoid a diet rich in simple sugars.
  • Reduce the amount of food and lengthen the time between one meal and another.
  • To keep your body's functions running, adopt an active lifestyle.

Do not believe in magic formulas or juices for slow digestion that are offered in the market. The most effective strategy is changing habits.

Probiotics: an ideal aid for slow digestion

These little friends play a fundamental role in our intestinal flora.

They are microorganisms that live in food and are responsible for generating good bacteria so that digestion is more fluid, absorb nutrients optimally and prevent bacteria from forming in the stomach.

That's not to mention that they help to have a stronger immune system, less occasional bloating, greater absorption of nutrients and faster fat loss.

There are many probiotic supplements out there, but you should choose ones that:

  • Have live, potent, high-quality strains of probiotics.
  • They have live active probiotics.
  • Have the right mix of probiotics.

We developed Good Bacteria , which in addition to all these qualities, provides 30 trillion good microorganisms so that you have a better digestive health, a stronger immune system and it is much easier for you to lose weight.

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