[I already discovered the enemy] Now how do I get rid of the toxins to lose weight faster?

[Ya descubrí al enemigo] ¿Ahora cómo me deshago de las toxinas para rebajar más rápido?

You may already know that detoxing has so many benefits for your health and physique, like avoiding inflammation, increasing your energy, strengthening your nails and hair, and helping you stay focused.

It can also be the solution to get harmful substances out of the game that hinder your fat loss and throw away everything you're doing to stay in shape.

If you are looking for green juice recipes or detox diets to lose weight faster, this information is not for you.

Because here I am going to teach you how to cleanse the body seriously, with daily routines that will cleanse you inside and will do wonders for your appearance.

If you're willing to deep clean and make it a habit, stick with me and I'll tell you what you need to do.

Some very heavy enemies

Whether you like it or not, you are exposed to countless substances that damage your body slowly and with cumulative effects.

And if you don't want to assume the consequences, you have to neutralize them.

For this, it is extremely important to focus on purifying the liver, because this will do its job of purifying and filtering the body efficiently and without stress.

But don't worry, it's not complicated.

Of course, before beginning I give you a warning: without perseverance and commitment it will not do you any good. So everything is in your hands.

Although I know that when you start to see that your intestinal transit flows better, you sleep more, your skin looks clearer and, of course, you lose weight easily, you will stay motivated.

Move your body and you will expel toxins faster

No one disputes the importance of physical exercise for your health and your figure.

And not only because it makes it easier for you to reach the weight you want, it keeps you active and relieves you of stress.

It also has ways to make your body work internally so that you eliminate all the garbage that has undermined you until today:

Any physical activity you do will help you cleanse yourself on the inside.

You can start by doing low-impact exercises like jumping rope, dancing, or bicycling, as they will increase your heart rate and your breathing will be more dense.

Although within this category there are two disciplines that have proven to be very effective for the purpose you are looking for:

  • Jump rope or bounce on a mini trampoline:

This stimulates your lymphatic system and the nodes that act as filters for germs and bacteria that cause infections and diseases.

  • Breathe in and out the benefits of yoga.

Yoga has the property of cleansing the body and mind. And it will be especially flattering if you do the following positions:

1. The Revolved Chair – Stimulates the liver, spleen, and digestive system while working to improve the spine and tone the abdominals.

2. Wise Twist: Stimulates the kidneys and liver. And as you relax, your blood will flow better.

3. Shoulder support : Drains the accumulated lymphatic fluid from the legs to the upper half of the body, bringing it closer to the heart and making it easier for you to expel internal waste.

If you have never exercised before, you can start by practicing your routines for 20 minutes, two or three times a week.

Clean food that detoxifies

Choosing your food poorly can expose you to important sources of poisoning and cause weight gain, difficulty losing weight, tiredness, fatigue, headaches and intestinal problems.

Lots of fish, hormones in chicken and meats, high-glycemic carbohydrates, and processed sugars cause you to accumulate toxins that are hard to get rid of.

If you want to start cutting them out of your life, start with processed foods. Opt for organic, hormone-free, and non-GMO.

Now, I am going to give you a list of foods that promote cleansing of the body in a natural way and even have a positive impact on specific organs.

Creating the habit of healthy eating is easier and tastier than many think.

You just have to appeal to your creativity, organization and discipline to get hooked on healthy and detoxifying food forever.

An extra benefit of sleeping well that you may not have known about

If you recognize the multiple restorative and healing effects that sleep has, you should add one more to the list.

Science has shown that sleep activates a powerful waste disposal method in the brain that returns waste to the circulatory system and liver, where it is eliminated.

It's called the glymphatic system.

It happens that when it pumps cerebrospinal fluid through brain tissues, this system cleanses the brain of proteins such as beta-amyloid that is present in Alzheimer's patients, which can damage nerve cells.

Well, the glymphatic system is ten times more active during the sleep phases than in wakefulness.

Also, while you sleep your brain cells can be reduced by 60%, allowing waste removal to be more efficient.

Supplementation: the faster the better

Body poisoning is a serious issue that goes beyond achieving a good figure.

Because ok, looking and feeling good is too important. But it is also avoiding cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and obesity, whose chances of appearing increase when you accumulate harmful substances inside.

To protect yourself, leading a healthy lifestyle is a step that you cannot avoid.

But if you frequently overexpose yourself to harmful elements and require extra nutrients that help you eliminate them more efficiently, it will help you to incorporate food supplements into your diet.


It is an important detoxifier present in small amounts in the body, some fruits and vegetables such as apples, oranges, broccoli and grapefruit.

It contributes to the general health of the liver, preventing damage to this organ due to its antioxidant and free radical removal effects.

It is used to remove carcinogens, toxins, and steroid hormones from the body.

N-acetyl cysteine ​​(NAC):

Promotes healthy levels of glutathione -known as the "master antioxidant"-, which reduces the damage caused to your body by foreign or toxic compounds.

In addition, it stimulates the optimal functioning of your liver and strengthens the immune system, giving you energy, well-being and quality of life.

It also counteracts the toxic effects of alcohol and acts as an antidote to paracetamol toxicity.

Picrorhiza kurroa.

It is highly protective of the liver when ingested before or after exposure to a toxin.

Its protective effects also include stressors that impair liver function, viral hepatitis, and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

They also attribute antioxidant, digestive, laxative, antibiotic properties, among others.

Alpha Lipoic Acid:

Called the universal antioxidant, it promotes the health of your liver and nervous system, and protects against oxidative processes.

It also has the ability to prevent heavy metal toxicity, helping your body get rid of toxins present in food.

It lowers iron levels in the brain and liver, but only when iron is above normal.

EDTA salt.

It removes metals and minerals such as lead, iron, mercury, copper, aluminum, nickel, zinc, cobalt and manganese from the body, which will end up being expelled in the urine.

Its ability to remove unwanted compounds from the body is such that it has been used in clinical cases for several decades.


It is an essential amino acid that is not manufactured by your body, which supports the production of the cellular antioxidant, glutathione.

And because it's such a powerful natural detox source, experts recommend getting it through proper diet or supplementation.

Knowing all the properties that these nutrients offer, at Evolution Advance we set ourselves the task of designing a nutritional supplement that would contain them all and serve as a protective shield for your liver.

It's called Detox and you can take advantage of it to ease your process and see results faster.

an extra help

If you want to take additional actions, there are several methods that are super efficient to release a large amount of toxins and help you enjoy the benefits of having a well-purified body.

Turn up the volume on perspiration

In addition to being an essential function of the body, sweating cleanses your body in a similar way to how the kidneys do it through urine.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the use of saunas is associated with a 50% lower risk of cardiovascular disease and mortality from all causes.

In addition, it beautifies the skin because the heat opens the pores, eliminating dirt and bacteria.

If you dare to give yourself an extra dose of cleaning with this method, you have several options:

Less food less toxins, and less toxins less fat

You already know that being intoxicated makes it difficult for you to lose weight, among other things, because many of them accumulate in your adipose tissue because they are fat soluble.

And one of the reasons why intermittent fasting can be very beneficial for you is because it activates autophagy.

Autophagy is like "eating yourself" and it is a process that happens inside cells, through which your body eliminates what is of no use to replace it.

Well, intermittent fasting is a powerful tool to cause it, because by restricting your food intake for many hours, the cells eat the toxins that you have accumulated, including those that are located in your fat cells.

an extreme solution

Do you remember at the beginning I told you that the heat of exercise increases fat burning and that is a way to get rid of waste?

Well, it was discovered that cold has the same effect.

For this purpose, cryogenic chambers are used that lower body temperature to the extreme with liquid nitrogen.

In this way, they stimulate the function of mitochondria (the energy generators that you have in your cells) which helps to reduce inflammation, burn fat and release toxins.

For this reason, they have become very fashionable among athletes and people depend on their appearance and physical performance.

A final recommendation that should stay in your mind

Detoxing is a comprehensive process that not only includes the body, but also the mind.

Or have you never felt that you are poisoning yourself with negative information, excessive work or even toxic relationships?

Therefore, I recommend you seek balance in all areas of your life.

I assure you that this will complement your body detoxification process and will help you adopt the habits that will make your body transformation possible more quickly, easily and sustainably.

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