Sculpt your body with exercises that reduce weight and measurements, while keeping your muscle mass intact

Esculpe tu cuerpo con ejercicios que disminuyen peso y medidas, mientras mantienen intacta tu masa muscular

If you've lost a ton of pounds and your skin feels saggy or you've decided to stay strong, flexible and fit for the rest of your life, training to build muscle mass while keeping fat at bay is best for you.

Depending on the type of exercise you decide to practice, your body will respond differently.

Because while some disciplines are specialists in helping you lose weight, others can make you look sexy and athletic.

What is the training that best suits you and why?

Here I'm going to show it to you.

Believe it or not, weights increase muscle and make you lose weight.

Fewer and fewer people associate heavy training with men and women with overdeveloped muscles and bulging veins who are dedicated to bodybuilding.

And you only have to go through any gym to see that many girls have let go of the fear of looking masculine because of weights and have turned them into their best weapons to look sculptural.

Heavy work done well helps you achieve round, lifted buttocks or have toned arms but without too much volume. And it is also capable of styling any part of the body faster than other disciplines.

Because yes, the myth that an overweight person should not lift weights has been debunked.

This was demonstrated by the American College of Sports Medicine of Spain, in a study where they concluded that Weights can lose weight faster than cardio and toning work with weights does not imply a large muscle gain.

Another recent study found these findings:

How is that possible?

When you work with high loads, your basal metabolism increases, which means that you spend more energy throughout the day to fulfill your basic functions.

Well, your body extracts that energy from your muscles and from those “accumulated fat” that you want to annihilate.

Plus, your muscles are metabolically active, meaning they continue working hours after you finish working out.

And since you will need additional oxygen to repair the muscle fibers that were torn during exercise, your body will burn extra calories and you will lose weight more easily.

So don't be afraid of weights, it sculpts your body and keeps you toned.

Sometimes less, sometimes more

The more load you put in your routines, the greater volume your muscles will acquire. Simply put, they will grow bigger.

This is because as the weight will break a greater number of muscle fibers, your body will deploy its wise process of muscle repair and reconstruction with greater intensity.

Therefore, you must clearly define how you want your body to behave to determine how much weight to carry and the number of repetitions:

Routines that do not exceed 45 minutes are recommended to avoid injuries or overtraining, because both situations would make you lose performance and throw the work you have achieved down a cliff.

In any case, it is best to consult with a professional trainer before starting.

Stimulate several muscles at once with compound exercises

When it comes to weights, compound exercises have great benefits and offer good results because they stimulate several muscle groups and joints at once.

HIIT workouts: the power of cardio in its right measure

It is no coincidence that while the physical ideal began to point towards strong, defined bodies with shapely curves, High Intensity Interval Training has become more fashionable.

Better known as HIIT, this type of training took the crown from marathon cardio exercises.

Because although doing hours and hours of cardio can help you lose weight, it sacrifices too much muscle mass.

HIITs have shown that the shorter and more intense the cardio, the more effective it is in saying goodbye to flaccidity and burning fat, without sacrificing muscle.

This type of exercise is demanding because it combines very high-intensity intervals with low-intensity intervals or complete rest. And that is what causes the acceleration of metabolism and promotes the burning of body fat.

Furthermore, beyond the excellent results it yields, it has so many positive points that it is worth trying:

Functional circuits: a closed route that leaves nothing out

Functional Training is an excellent alternative that incorporates aerobic exercises and strength training at the same time.

Functional circuits have millions of fans in the world because they offer quick results to lose weight, increase strength and muscle endurance.

Although they also have some detractors who claim that, since light weights are used, it does not promote sufficient strength and muscle development.

But the great truth is that they have multiple benefits that you can take advantage of:

In the same session you can work a mix of shoulders, arms, legs, back or abdominals simultaneously.

Strengthens muscles without causing excessive fatigue.

Improves respiratory and cardiovascular functions.

During each routine, some muscles can recover while others are worked. This makes it easier to repeat the exercises in all sets.

Aerobic training: breathe, sweat and lose weight.

Running, swimming, dancing, jumping rope; All of those and more are aerobic exercises that increase oxygen absorption and cardiovascular endurance.

And in addition to helping your heart become stronger and your blood circulate better, they are great for promoting weight loss and burning fat.

They also increase your performance, endurance and ability to recover after doing demanding physical activities.

If you practice it 5 times a week, and also combine it with muscle toning routines, you can't imagine the incredible results you will get.

And of course, you cannot ignore the fact that aerobic exercises make you sweat and that is one of the best methods to free yourself from the toxins that hide in your fat deposits .

Practice flexibility

Do you remember your school days, when your physical education teacher made you practice some stretches before starting class?

Well, those were perhaps your first approaches to flexibility exercises.

They can save you injuries when you are training, no matter what type of exercise you do. But they can also help you:

Incorporate corrective exercises that stretch your muscle structures and tendons - both static and dynamic - and make movements from head to toe.

You can practice them in the warm-up phases and after your exercise sessions or independently when you need it or provoke it.

To enjoy its benefits, keep each movement for approximately 10 to 20 seconds.

Yoga, pilates and stretching are disciplines that will help you be more flexible, so don't hesitate to sign up.

When you set out to train the results that come, come

Whether you achieve a physical goal sooner or later depends on factors such as your genetics, age, gender and lifestyle habits.

But if you can be sure of one thing, it is that if you do it consistently your body will change.

So trust, sculpt your body at your own pace and don't compare yourself to anyone.

Set realistic goals because if you think that you will make a 180° turnaround in a few weeks and it doesn't happen, you will become demotivated.

It will also help you with the support of a professional nutritionist and trainer. Together they will make the perfect match between the most suitable routine according to your physical conditions and the diet that suits you so that you do not lose your efforts.

And no matter how much momentum you have to continue, please rest.

That will keep you moving forward and will make a big difference in your results.

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