Myths and facts about weight loss

mitos perdida de peso

Do you still believe there are magic weight loss pills? Have you been told that with a certain diet you will lose weight in less than 30 days? Careful! They may be playing with your feelings and your desire to be in shape.

Miracle diets, home remedies and weight loss pills have a long history, but a bad reputation.

So if you want to lose weight to recover the body you had before your pregnancy or menopause came into your life, we will tell you what are the main myths that exist around weight loss so that you do not fall for the lies they tell you. out there and start making healthier, long-term decisions.

Myth 1: Carbohydrates are bad because they make you fat

“The best thing to lose weight is to stop eating carbohydrates”, if you have ever heard this phrase, forget about it.

This macronutrient is the main source of energy that cells have, so if you stop eating carbohydrates, you will not have reserves for your body to function well. That's why you have to choose carefully what types of carbohydrates to include in your diet.

If you are going to eat only products made with refined flours and processed sugars, then you are definitely not going to meet your goal of losing weight.

But if your diet has the right balance between complex carbohydrates (grains, fruits, vegetables and tubers), proteins and healthy fats, you will surely begin to notice changes in your body.

What are macronutrients and how to calculate them properly?

Myth 2: To lose weight you have to endure hunger

If you have thought about stopping eating to see results faster, you may be doing a lot of damage to your body because you are going to take away its source of energy: food. Rather than stop eating, what you have to do is choose well what to eat.

Skipping meals without any type of control and specialized advice can lead you to feel hungrier and overeat later. Plus, it can slow down your metabolism in the long term, making it harder to lose weight.

If you stop eating and then go back to your old habits, you can subject your body to extreme conditions in which you lose and gain weight very quickly and this can affect you in the long term. The best thing to lose weight is to have habits that are maintained over time so that your body gets used to a healthier and more balanced way of eating.

Be careful, we are not telling you that you cannot try intermittent fasting , but we do recommend that you do it with responsibility and professional support, so that you can choose the best way to practice it according to your needs and lifestyle.

Myth 3: To lose weight you only need to exercise a lot

They say that he who sins and prays empathizes, although in terms of weight loss it is not true.

We all have a friend who kills herself in the gym 7 days a week and spends all her meals with sugary drinks, because she believes that doing a lot of exercise is enough to be healthy.

The truth is that there is no point in going to the gym every day to overexert your body with extreme routines, without having days of rest and without giving it the necessary fuel to function in optimal conditions.

How are you going to perform if you don't rest and eat well?

The success of training routines to lose weight is in:

  • Do it with consistency and discipline.

  • Alternate between cardiovascular and strength exercise.

  • Give your body the rest it needs.

  • Feed yourself with the 3 macronutrients according to your size and weight.

Myth 4: Eating healthy is very expensive

And filling the market cart with packet potatoes, sodas and chocolate cookies isn't it?

If you start investing the money you spend on these types of products in real food like fruits, vegetables and grains, you will see that your pocket will not suffer as much as you think.

The only thing you need is to start making a more conscious and healthy grocery list and learn to cook recipes that you like, eating healthy and delicious is possible!

It can help you with this task: Meal prep: plan your meals for the week

Myth 5: Weight loss supplements don't work

It's true, they're useless if you think they're going to do all the work for you while you continue eating donuts, cakes, and hamburgers 4 times a week. Food supplements such as proteins can be your allies when it comes to achieving your goals because they will help you feel more satiated so that you avoid cravings, and they will give your body the energy you need to have a healthy life. healthy and active.

No, supplements are not magic, but they can help you do magic.

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Before starting a miracle diet or buying those pills that promise to lose weight in two weeks, remember that the only way to have a body with a healthy weight is achieved by leading a balanced life.

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