How to get over a love breakup without gaining extra kilos

Cómo superar una ruptura amorosa sin ganar kilos extras

Most of us have been through a love breakup, but we all have different ways of dealing with it.

Some people like to drown their sorrows in food and, consequently, they can gain extra kilos; others refuse to eat, which makes them lose weight.

So that you avoid gaining a few extra pounds, in this post you will know how to overcome a love break with a series of healthy tips that can help you not gain weight due to lack of love; They will also serve you if you are one of those who lose weight.

This is how a love break begins that can make you gain extra kilos. Can you identify?

You are in the happiest moment of your life, you are doing well at work, your partner is that boy who has crushed your heart since high school, he treats you incredible, you have had the best experiences of your life and you have also learned to overcome many obstacles that have made you a better person.

You feel that he is the love of your life , because beyond constantly taking you for a walk, he treats you like a princess, makes you laugh, remembers all the special dates and always gives you your place.

But at the moment of raising the idea of ​​taking the next step together, your partner decides not to continue with the relationship. At that moment the sensation in your body is indescribable, you feel that your soul is leaving your body and you cannot believe it.

Your nights are long, tears run down your cheek every now and then and it becomes inevitable for you not to think about all the beautiful moments you spent together. It seems that nothing makes you feel better, until you take a taste of the ice cream that you had in your freezer while you sit on the couch to see their photos.

The next day you wake up without wanting to eat breakfast because you feel a knot in your stomach. But during the day you feel like lying down eating cookies, chocolates, chips, etc.

And, as the days go by, you notice that your body has begun to gain extra kilos. What you were missing!

What happens in your body when your heart breaks?

There are those who do not know how to overcome a love break and think that it is synonymous with suffering, change and adaptation. But in reality it can also mean losing or gaining a few pounds.

But... why does this happen?

The body and mind are connected. If you have any sensation that alters your body, it will also be affected, because the first thing your body does is create more adrenaline, which will increase your cortisol levels , the stress hormone.

What happens in your body when your heart breaks?

In short, it affects your well-being and the way your body receives signals.

Tips to overcome a separation without gaining extra kilos

To overcome heartbreak, nothing better than adopting healthy habits that make you look and feel better every day. Because that's what it's all about, creating a new version of yourself that makes you feel better about yourself and leaving behind what doesn't work for you.

Next, you will see a series of recommendations that will help you prevent you from gaining weight while your little heart is being repaired.

Exercise in your free time to avoid gaining extra kilos

Exercise in your free time to avoid gaining extra kilos

It's all about staying active, fit and energetic. Don't let feelings tie you to the couch watching a marathon of romantic movies that remind you of "what you missed."

Start little by little. When you feel that pain is going to attack again, exercise, because when you move you release endorphins (happiness hormone) and that will make you feel better every day.

Take the opportunity to go for a walk, sunbathe, run a little around the square, ride a bike, in short, get your body moving.

In addition to helping you stay in shape, physical activity helps prevent depression and will help you not give way to a sedentary lifestyle or sad feelings.

Do not eat more, nor stop eating

When we have a feeling that affects us emotionally, we usually turn to foods full of sugars and calories. Mostly chocolates, chips, ice cream, cookies, etc.

However, when this pain is experienced, there are other people who directly skip meals.
Try to feed yourself nutritious food; When you go shopping, do it consciously and choose only foods that provide well-being to your body.

The important thing is that you maintain a balance between your emotions and what you eat, I recommend you read this post from our blog “ Emotional hunger? Put her aside with these tips ”.

Sleep through the night and avoid gaining extra kilos

The idea of ​​staying up all night thinking about your ex is not a good plan, because in addition to running out of energy for the next day, it will make you gain extra kilos , because:

Sleep through the night and avoid gaining extra kilos

When you lose sleep, a gene that regulates the circadian rhythm of eating is activated, that is, if you sleep little you will eat more between meals and you will have a huge desire to eat more processed foods.

Therefore, it is better that you adopt good habits to improve the quality of your sleep. In this post “ The perfect formula to sleep through the night ” you will find safe and healthy ways to have sound nights of sleep.

learn to live with yourself

learn to live with yourself

Many people hate being alone, but in this case it is an opportunity to find yourself, your being and what you want to be.

Also to give you that pleasure of eating healthy, while you have fun cooking delicious dishes.

Take your time to recover

Take your time to recover

Accept the situation and be patient until the wound is healed. Remember that to get over a love breakup you must go through a series of stages that go from denial, recovery to acceptance.

Do not push yourself and take everything calmly, remember that when you have more anxiety and worry, your immune system weakens and inflammation goes into attack.

Go out and enjoy with your friends

Go out and enjoy with your friends

Do not stop doing the activities that make you happy , such as: going to the movies, going out dancing, going for a coffee, going to the hairdresser, listening to music, among others. And if you share these moments with your best friends, it will surely make you release your emotions and feel better.

This can be very helpful because it will clear you of the obsessive thought that drives you to food.

Heartbreak goes away with time, not with food.

And in order not to gain extra kilos, you must stay away from the temptations that make you fall; overcome your separation with harmony and peace.

It is not always easy to face love pain, but I assure you that as the days go by you will achieve your healthiest and most beautiful version with these tips.

Remember, you are worthy of receiving love... you will find it again!

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