Learn to measure portions by hand to lose weight

Aprende a medir porciones con la mano para bajar de peso

Do you also want to eat healthy to lose weight, but don't know how much to eat? Because if you overdo it you get fat, but if you eat little you starve and cravings drive you crazy. Take the doubts out of your head by learning to measure portions with your hand.

Learn to lose weight with this system and you will stop wondering... Will two medium potatoes be good? Will this steak be too big? Should I eat a cup or two tablespoons of rice?

You will be surprised because your dishes will satisfy you and will be better balanced than ever before.

Measuring portions by hand vs. count calories

To lose weight you need to eat fewer calories than your body needs to function on a daily basis ( caloric deficit ). Thus, your body will have no choice but to "eat" the fat it has accumulated to energize you.

That is why many people resort to mathematics to add the calories they eat in each bite.

Strictly counting calories can be very useful for athletes who want to optimize their performance, bodybuilders, models and influencers who live off their image, among others.

Also, it can tell any mortal if they are on the right track or if they are going astray.

But many doctors, nutritionists and psychologists agree that its disadvantages are greater because:

  1. It requires a lot of effort: living adding and subtracting calories to stay within a limit is exhausting because it requires constant concentration and control.
  2. It is very difficult to be precise: no matter how many applications you use, there are always important margins of error.
  3. You can become obsessed: counting calories can cause anxiety and frustration for not "meeting" the goal you set for yourself. And remember that your state of mind plays a major role in losing weight and keeping it off.

Therefore, if you want to follow your process, while still being happy, you can make it much easier by learning how to measure the portions by hand .

Do you find it hard to believe? The European Food Information Council not only certifies but also recommends using your hands and fingers as a simple and effective way to make these calculations.

Of course, for it to work for you, make sure that your food comes from a balanced diet with carbohydrates, proteins, good fats, as well as fruits and vegetables of many colors.

How to measure portions by hand to lose weight

Let's take action! Learn to lose weight knowing how to measure portions by hand.

Look how easy it is:


  • If you're a man, eat two palm-sized servings with each meal.
  • If you're a woman, eat two palm-sized servings with each meal.


  • If you are a man, your portion should be the size of two fists.
  • If you are a woman, your portion should be the size of a single fist.


  • For men, 2 hand-sized servings in a cup with most meals will suffice.
  • For women, 1 serving is just about right.

healthy fats

  • For men that's 2 thumb-sized servings of fat with most meals.
  • Women will use 1 thumb-sized portion.

If you have larger or smaller hands than the average person of the same body size, don't worry.

Even so, the size of your hand correlates with the overall size of the body, including the muscles and bones.

every body is different

The system of how to measure portions by hand is a starting point.

But since every body is different, you can be flexible, depending on how yours reacts.

For example: if you measure your portions with your hands, but your tape measure still reads the same, try eliminating a cupped palm of carbohydrates or a thumb of fats in some meal.

Did you see how easy your healthy life can be?

Once you learn how to measure with your hand to lose weight, you will begin to notice the difference not only in your figure, but in your energy and daily performance.

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