Batch Cooking: varied, easy and fast cooking

Batch Cooking: cocina variado, fácil y rápido

Have you ever abandoned your healthy diet with arguments like "I don't have time to slave myself in the kitchen", "when I get home from work I don't feel like cooking", "I prefer to buy something ready-made"?

Well, here we will teach you how to cook fast, easy and varied with the batch cooking method.

Not only will it help you organize, but you will be able to eat as healthy as you want to reach the weight you want, without stressing or spending time thinking about what you are going to cook for the next day.

What is batch cooking ?

It is a method to organize yourself and stop cooking daily, without depriving yourself of eating well.

It consists of using about 2 to 3 hours of your week in a row to prepare your menus 7 days in advance.

Batch cooking is very flexible, you just have to choose the time that best suits you to focus on your diet. For example:

  • If you work part shift, you can use any of the empty spaces in your schedule.
  • If your day is from Monday to Friday, it will be convenient for you to cook on Saturday or Sunday.

Why planning will help you lose weight

Planning your healthy menus in advance and having time to prepare them can be a headache.

This is why batch cooking has become such a popular tool. And it is that it offers not only benefits in your diet, but it will reduce your stress.

  • You will save money because you will know exactly what food to buy.
  • You will avoid eating "anything" on the street, if you could not cook because you fell asleep.
  • You will not have to ask yourself at every moment, what will I eat today?, or what do I take to the office tomorrow?
  • You will have the gratifying feeling of having everything under control and organized.

Apply batch cooking in 10 steps:

Follow these recommendations, step by step, and you will be a new batch cooking lover.

  1. Choose which day you are going to cook.
  2. Think about what you would like to prepare for the week. Remember to balance the nutrients or choose the necessary foods if you are on a specific diet.
  3. Choose simple recipes to make, do not get complicated.
  4. Write down your menu ideas in a notebook or on your mobile device.
  5. When you go shopping, take the market list and buy them all at once. In order not to waste time, take care that you do not miss any ingredient.
  6. Cook the ingredients that take the longest to be ready first: meats, chicken, vegetables, tubers, etc.
  7. Take advantage of all the utensils you have at home. For example, while you cook some food in the oven, you can prepare stews or prepare your meals on the grill.
  8. Prepare garnishes for different dishes such as sweet potatoes, quinoa, chickpeas or brown rice.
  9. Pack food in clear containers and stack them for easy location. We recommend materials such as glass, since plastic can release BPAs that mix with food and are harmful to health.
  10. Store them in the refrigerator. Verify that you are doing them safely with these recommendations from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Other tips that will help you a lot

  • Involve your family in batch cooking : Encouraging your children in this practice will not only make it fun and they will have quality time together, but you will be instilling good habits in them.
  • Look for new and healthy recipes: remember that eating healthy is not just eating chicken breast and salads; Dare to try new flavors and a variety of dishes.
  • Do not forget about snacks: having healthy and tasty snacks on hand, mid-morning or in the afternoon, will not only calm any craving that appears. Also, it will prevent you from falling into unhealthy and improvised options.

In our recipes section , you will find many sweet and savory preparations so delicious that they will become your favorites. In addition, they contain a secret ingredient that helps you lose weight, leaves you full for hours and prevents sagging. Run to meet them.

The Batch Cooking method may be what you need to lead that healthy life that seemed unattainable to you and that will help you get into the pants that do not close and you are dying to put on.

Dare to try it to speed up your daily routine and be able to spend your time in activities that you like and generate well-being.

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